There are a ton of cute and worthwhile neighborhoods in LA, but it can get overwhelming with all there is to do. Here are the ones I would go to as fall back any time I knew I wanted to have something fun to do, have plenty of options of places to go and things to see.




One of my favorite places to spend time due to its creative people, diverse community, and excellent eateries. Silverlake has everything you need. Its young, bustling, and has tons of character with its charming original bungalows and craftsmen style homes. 

Echo Park


Echo Park and Silverlake border each other so naturally share some similar characteristics. Very creative and cool types tend to gravitate towards these communities, but there are still many people that have been living here for far before these areas were gentrified, so its a wonderful mix of culture and diversity.  Unique brick and mortars, great outdoor activities at the lake and Elysian Park, and tons of good coffee spots.



Larchmont village is essentially Hancock park, a very wealthy neighborhood below Hollywood and just East of West Hollywood. Its one of those place you visit and wonder why you don't go more. Its quaint, charming, and very lively while still being family friendly and feels like a true community. I love to come here for coffee at Go Get em Tiger or peruse at Diptique

Melrose Place


My all time favorite little sub neighborhood to spend time in. It is all things aesthetically pleasing with its meticulously designed store fronts, landscaping, original buildings with tons of character and charm. It doesn't hurt that all of my favorite brands are represented on this one street with the exception of one or two. Go for coffee at Alfred's, mosey around and be inspired. I absolutely love this place.


Dtla arts district


I love the arts district but for totally different reasons than the other neighborhoods I've mentioned. Due to the fact that this areas STILL up and coming because there is still so much that is undeveloped, it is pretty mellow and calming to hang there for a bit. Don't walk around just anywhere though as it borders skid row. Start at Poketo or a store nearby and wander around those blocks and perhaps grab a coffee at Zinc on your way out to admire the curated home shop inside.


Venice Beach/ Abbot Kinney


Venice Beach is my all time favorite beach city in Los Angeles due to the laid back nature of this chill but stylish and quirky town. The shopping, restaurants, and beautiful weather make it a perfect place to meet up for coffee in the morning before a walk along the boardwalk or on the beach... or meet up with a girlfriend for a lunch date! It's inspiring, creative, and very  aesthetically pleasing with its beautiful residential streets and store front bungalows. It's the quintessential California beach city!

Manhattan Beach/ Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Manhattan beach is a wealthy beach city south of Venice and Marina Del Rey that is very family oriented. It's less happening than Venice beach, probably due to the fact that its smaller and more concentrated to just a couple main streets where the best restaurants and shopping are. If Venice is the "Hippest" beach city, then Manhattan Beach is definitly the cleanest and most beautiful. The white sand and wide beaches make it a desirable destination for sports tournaments and events. Check out my Eats page for some of my favorite Manhattan Beach eateries.