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Alright, ladies, you know what time it is!

That's right, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Yikes! I have a love/hate relationship with Valentines Day. I love it because I'm a romantic and love any opportunity to celebrate and go to dinner, lets be honest. Food makes this girl happy!

The "hate" part comes from the fact that I'm terrible at buying Chay gifts because he isn't really into "stuff". He is surprisingly hard to give gifts to because he doesn't like or need a whole lot. He's a minimalist and prefers to dress that way, you know, he keeps it simple.  A little background on Chay: He's a super athlete (ahem, he's an Olympian!), down to earth, very entrepreneurial, and just an all-around good guy. He is not trendy (which I love!) and could not care less about flashy designers and labels that he feels are gaudy (I think some are just fine haha! I wouldn't mind some labels here and there lol!). You get the idea. He's a dude, so the more minimal for him, the better.

Every year, as Valentine Day approaches, I feel this pressure to get him an awesome gift to show him how much I appreciate him, but don't know where to start because of all the reasons I mentioned above. Well, this year I planned ahead!


I got Chay a really cool wood watch because the aesthetic is very me and verrrry Chay! If you follow along on Instagram (here!), you know I love a boho-luxe look. Meaning, bohemian and down to earth, but with a chic and more minimal vibe. These types of watches are unique, well made, and understated. I love that. They are also a more affordable option when it comes to investment (time) pieces (see what I did there?)! Here is what I LOVE about the designs of the watch I got for Chay and the company, "Jord":

1. The aesthetic is classy, not flashy

2. Chay will want to wear this watch because it's super unique, made of natural materials, and feels very quality without being bulky or overly trendy.

3. It's not typical. I don't know anyone else with this specific watch. It feels like such a special gift and they even engrave if you want, to make it more special.

I wanted to give it to Chay in a fun environment so that it would feel extra special, so I waited till we got to our loft in Downtown LA, a place we both love to be. For those of you who don't know, we live primarily in Redondo Beach and have an investment place in DTLA and Palm Springs (thus pictures on my gram from all of those places). DTLA is the perfect weekend spot for us and we both love to be there! It feels so special, so I knew it would feel extra special giving him this watch on the rooftop at our loft to really amp up the ambiance. Plus, this year has been a trying one for us since moving from Echo Park, an area we loved, to a more quiet area that works for Chay's commute but is a little isolating for me. I really wanted to show Chay that I loved him with his gift and trust him because he is always so concerned about my happiness, but I want him to feel that love too!

I decided to give it to him early because I couldn't wait any longer. (plus I really wanted to get this post up for you guys to have all the info!) He loves it! He wears it all the time and says he loves it most because he can wear it to casual business meetings or fancy dinners with clients and it transitions well without ever looking flashy or too casual. See!? Minimal works! I LOVE THAT! It is so HIM and I felt like I finally got him something he loves! He is always working so hard and wants to spoil me because he is such a selfless guy, but I find it hard to do the same for him because he is sooo easy going. I love that this year he felt spoiled and feels put together and sharp when he wears it!


Do you guys know what you're going to do for your man on Valentines Day, or are you running around frantic last minute? I love this watch and think it would make a special gift for your honey, plus you'll love it too! (Isn't it the worst when they wear stuff that's just.not.cute?) And since the big day falls on Wednesday, maybe wait till Saturday to celebrate and buy yourself some time! This would be a great gift regardless of the occasion. Check out the watches below and let me know what you think!! I hope you guys have the best day with or without a significant other. No man? No problem, treat yo self-ladies! 


For the watch I got Chay: 


xo, Kim