Thrift Pink Faux Fur + Ornate Marc Fisher Heels


Can we please take a second to discuss how unreal this pink faux J. Crew jacket is?! 

OMG.  I am so in love with it. It's totally loud and verrrrry warm, some (my husband) might say it's unnecessarily warm for Los Angeles weather...but like, what if you go to NYC? London? Utah to ski? Whistler?

Right? Duh, come on, it's totally necessary! Haha okay, so to be perfectly honest, I would not seek out a thick, expensive jacket unless I felt like it was necessary for where I lived. BUT, (MAJOR BUT) I spotted this heaven-sent piece at Crossroads trading co. (more on my fave. consignment stores HERE) FOR $40!! So obviously I had to have it. Plus, I usually only buy once I have sold some stuff, so most of the time, I am trading clothes for clothes. WIN WIN!

I know it's not fair and I am sorry about that.  But, I searched and some are being sold on eBay and the like! GO! NOW!!  (similar here and here)

I wore this look to a Christmas dinner party and loved it, especially with these gorgeous and fun Marc Fisher Heels in this pretty pale pink and ornate pattern. I especially love the medium height block heel. Perfect for a tall girl that still likes the feeling of some lift, because... I just can't limit myself to kitten heels! I got them at Nordstrom Rack for a killer deal during the holidays and have been wearing them non stop.

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Thrift Find: My New Emerald Green Robe (that I'm dying over)


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good thrift find and I am constantly on the hunt. I started thrift and consignment shopping when I was in college, because well, I was broke and wasn't given a huge monthly stipend like some of my friends that came from money (which I am so grateful for and would never do it differently because it made me stick to a budget and appreciate the value of a dollar).  

I always loved fashion and have had a strong sense of personal style since I was young, but in order to look the way I wanted to in college, I had to thrift and consignment shop to find my clothes. I fell in LOVE! If you search long enough, there are amazing finds out there, it just takes patience! I love stores like Crossroads and Wasteland, but there are second hand stores all over the place. You just gotta give them a try and see if they carry current and quality items.

Over the years as our careers have become more stable and have allowed more flexibility financially, I am able to buy some things that are more of an investment. I will never give up thrifting though, its just a smart way to shop. FOR INSTANCE, I found this robe that is currently full priced on Revolve with the tags on! 

I am in love with the color, pattern, and feel of this  robe by L'academie (that also comes in a floral pattern).I wish I could find you guys the same deal on this robe that I got, but you know how thrifting goes! Luck of the draw): but I'm secretly happy about it! haha #sorrynotsorry. 

I love this casual look and am in love with these AGOLDE jeans. They are perfect dressed up or down. They are California casual at its best, and that's my absolute favorite way to dress...of course mixed with something eclectic. I love this look and highly recommend getting this robe if you like the robe or kimono look! Its amazing. Details and more pics below!



If you guys love, let me know in the comments below:) I LOVE to hear from you. XO!


RETAIL SCORE #2: Vintage Palm Frond Dolce and Gabana

HI Ladies and happy Friday!

I wanted to share this look with you because I got this top Dolce and Gabana top for a steal! I am an avid vintage/consignment shopper and love to find a good deal. I was at Crossroads in West Hollywood and stumbled upon this super retro palm frond printed silk button up by D&G and had to have it.  It was only $60! If you're into fun printed tops, check some more out here and here.  I paired it with my favorite jeans of the moment by Reformation here and slingbacks I turned into mules by cutting off the strap, that I got from Shopbop. Similar here for a great price!

What are your favorite spots to get a deal? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Kim


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Thrift Store find: Mexican Blanket Varsity

BTS Video from this shoot!


Check out our behind the scenes shooting and shenanigans for!

Hey all and Happy Monday!

I wanted to share this look with you because I just love a California casual look, especially living in a beach city. I found this varsity jacket with panels of Mexican blanket on the shoulders at Wasteland and just love how it adds a unique and special addition to an otherwise simple jacket. It was a nice but overcast day, as many days by the beach are, so I layered a simple look with this fun jacket and navy blue suede Madewell boots. I have this obsession with jeans shorts and heeled boots to make a simple look feel sexy! 

I love this thrift store find and rely heavily on thrifting to discover unique and cool pieces. Are you guys into thrifting and where do you like to go? Let me know in the comments below!






4. SONIX Sunnies

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Pink + Green In Venice

Hi all and happy Monday! I had such a fun weekend with my girlfriends in Palm Springs celebrating my sister Kellys birthday. We went consignment shopping, brunched at our favorite place, and laid out in the sun at our home that has a lot of, well, pink and green, which is very appropriate for todays post!

Pink and green have been having a moment lately and I am a big fan! I usually like the combo on exteriors or in home decor, but occasionally I like to incorporate it into my daily look. It's so cheery and reminds me of The Beverly Hills Hotel or Palm Beach!  I am also a lover of rompers because they create such an effortless and casual look with one piece of clothing and this linen one that I bought from Crossroads (a great consignment store I LOVE) is so light and airy! It has been getting so freakin' hot in LA and rompers are the perfect uniform for summer days here. My friend and I enjoyed running through the Venice Beach Canals and shooting video and photos for Kimberly Rabbit and my instagram and had an absolute blast! Check out the look below and let me know what you think about this color combo popping up everywhere!


ROMPER: Alexander Lewis, Similar Here

FLATFORMS: Madison Harding, Similar Here


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