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The Best Summer Bags To Invest In


Now that it is officially summer, its time to get that versatile and cute bag for your Hawaiian vacation or that cute trendy tote just for those farmers market trips. But, there are so many options and trends out there. Which one do you choose?!

Personally, I love a bag with a little spice and color that feels interesting in some way. Whether it be texture, color, design, or pattern! Some of my favorite styles for summer are the super cool Cult Gaia arhcitectural bags were seeing so much of, the very cool netted market bags that are great for EVERYTHING, the woven options and those fun little drawstring pouches. I am seeing these everywhere and absolutely love them for all the festivities summer brings us!

Why I love these styles::

1. Architectural- I love a bag that looks like a piece of art. These types of bags really showcase personal style and truly are pieces of wearable art in my opinion.

2. Woven - I love how easy and effortless woven totes look.  They are perfect for everything from beach days to shopping days.

3. Pouch bag- These little bags are so cute and fun! They are super versatile, easy to use as a purse or even throw in a bigger purse to keep your lipgloss and credit cards organized.

Check out some versatile picks below. There are a ton of options for all sorts of styles. Let me know which ones are you favorites!

xo, Kim


Architectural Bag Options


Woven Bag Options


Drawstring Pouch Options