London Look- Plaid x Plaid and the pieces I wore to DEATH in London


When in London, dress as the Londoners do, right?

 I'm not saying that every Londoner dresses like this, but I did notice when I was there the last couple times that people are just more buttoned up and chic. I LOVE IT! LA vibes are more relaxed and casual which is great for getting outta the house,  but its nice to change it up and put a bit more effort in my daily look.

I love plaids for winter and feel they just add a bit more style to an outfit. This plaid hat is super affordable and soooo chic, I am obsessed. I could have 20 of these fisherman style hats. This Zara blazer is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Its long, tailored, warm as a layering piece, but cool enough to wear with a tee. I paired them with these Dolce Vita slate grey suede booties that I wore allll around London and they were so comfy. Such a score! 

These items are all favorites right now and I wear them to death, in LA or London. Do you guys love plaid as much as I do for winter? Let me know in the comments below! 

XO, Kim

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ZARA Plaid Cap

ZARA Plaid Blazer



Thrift Pink Faux Fur + Ornate Marc Fisher Heels


Can we please take a second to discuss how unreal this pink faux J. Crew jacket is?! 

OMG.  I am so in love with it. It's totally loud and verrrrry warm, some (my husband) might say it's unnecessarily warm for Los Angeles weather...but like, what if you go to NYC? London? Utah to ski? Whistler?

Right? Duh, come on, it's totally necessary! Haha okay, so to be perfectly honest, I would not seek out a thick, expensive jacket unless I felt like it was necessary for where I lived. BUT, (MAJOR BUT) I spotted this heaven-sent piece at Crossroads trading co. (more on my fave. consignment stores HERE) FOR $40!! So obviously I had to have it. Plus, I usually only buy once I have sold some stuff, so most of the time, I am trading clothes for clothes. WIN WIN!

I know it's not fair and I am sorry about that.  But, I searched and some are being sold on eBay and the like! GO! NOW!!  (similar here and here)

I wore this look to a Christmas dinner party and loved it, especially with these gorgeous and fun Marc Fisher Heels in this pretty pale pink and ornate pattern. I especially love the medium height block heel. Perfect for a tall girl that still likes the feeling of some lift, because... I just can't limit myself to kitten heels! I got them at Nordstrom Rack for a killer deal during the holidays and have been wearing them non stop.

If you love this look too, you can shop my entire outfit below in the " Shop the Post " section! 






Casual Date Night Look

Hi ladies!

Happy Solar Eclipse Monday!

Check out my look and this quick read about last weeks date night! Funny thing, it was a date with my twin sister and her hubby in Beverly Hills at one of my favorite comfort food spots, South Beverly Grill.

In LA, as many of you know, upscale casual is our version of dressing up. People are so much more lax here than say NYC, and I love it since I'm not one to fuss to much with what I wear. I threw this look on and loved the ease of it, while dressing it up a bit with some height in my shoes. I love flatforms because they are so easy on your feet since the height is even and doesnt put pressure on your feet, and feel more casual than say a stiletto pump. 

What do you guys wear on date nights?  Do you get a little more glammed up, or keep it casual? Sometimes I think I should try harder with my poor hubby haha and dress more feminine and fancy on our date nights. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

xo, Kim


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Pajama trend

Happy Monday ladies!!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Its been super hot here in LA and we had the brilliant idea of going to the desert this weekend and it was 110 out there! Way too hot for this girl. Anywho, first things first! The winner to my Matiko Shoes giveaway is posted at the bottom of this post.

Also, check out one of my favorite little trends happening this summer: Silk pajama tops for everyday wear. See below for the whole look!

This top from Madewell is so cute (and on sale now!) and I had to have it immediately. First off, its actually a pajama top, and second, it has zebras on it. It's so fun and I am a sucker for clothing with a little personality! I paired it with one of my favorite pair of jeans (that you have definitely seen on other posts if you have been following along for a while) and a super fun pair of shades by Sonix. I didn't dress monochromatically intentionally, but I realize I tend to lean towards similar shades of color because I feel like it just creates a more cohesive look. These blue shades really help pull the whole look together. Plus, can we just take a sec to talk about how awesome these blue lenses are? I'm obsessed.

I love the piping detail on silk pajama sets!

These Zara block heels are also on sale now, find them here!

Outfit Details

PJ TOP Madewell

JEANS Madewell



Are you ladies into trying the PJ trend for real life or would you prefer to keep it in the ole' bedroom? I totally love it but would love to get your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below!


Now, for the time you have been waiting for! The winner to the Matiko shoes giveaway is.... Katrina Goldberg of @sparklekatrina! I'll send you a dm to get all the info to get your cute new shoes to you lady!! And stay tuned everyone because the next one is gonna be AWESOME!

Love you guys and thanks to all for participating and making this such a fun giveaway!! xoxo, Kim

Italian Style in Monaco

Check out my look for a night in Monaco. I absolutely love this dress and love how its reminiscent of Dolce and Gabana and other fun Italian designers. The embroidered florals and white ruffles made the dress and I felt so special in it for a night on the Riviera!

DRESS Zara (on sale now!)

HEELED SANDALS Zara (on sale now!)

GOLD CHOKER Roxanne Assoulin


I love this dress and felt it was the perfect look for a night in Monaco. Better yet, its on sale and so are the heels! Hope you guys had a good Fourth of July and are enjoying the short week! See you back here Friday for another one of my travel guide recommendations from my time in Ireland. Love you guys!

xo, Kim