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My Go-To Nail Colors: The Best of the Best

My Go-To Nail Colors

Okay so this is a really deep post you guys so pay attention. Im sharing my GO-TO nail colors that are my favorites, the best of the best!

If you are like me, you're extremely picky about your nail colors. I don't pay for a gel manicure every 4-6 weeks (even though they recommend every 2, I cannot pay for new color thaaaat much. Priorities people.) to get a boring or unflattering color that I will be stuck with for another month. 

I have tried lots of colors over the years and always come back to my favorites in different categories. If I want a fun color, I have a fave for that. If I want a pretty neutral but never a boring one, I have my faves. And when I am in the mood for some darker moodier colors, I have my top faves in those categories.

I have posted a bunch on Insta stories and I get DM's asking "what was that color again?". You guys, I have gotten so many people asking in person or on insta what the name of my nail color was or just over the years with tons of compliments on certain ones. I compiled a list of the most popular ones below. These will be your future go-tos, promise!

See below for my favorites!

My Top 6 Go-To Nail Colors


As you can see I am a huge fan of OPI nail colors. I love to look at other companies too but the colors from OPI just stand out a bit more to me. There are so many varying shades out there, but these specific colors are so great on! Just try your fave picks from above the next time you get your nails done (but get them done in the gel version!), you'll thank me:).

Which color is your favorite? I am pretty obessed with "Funny Bunny" and "I am What I Amethyst" currently!

Welp, My orange wine and sweet potato fries are waiting for me so I gotta go, but I'll see you in a couple days!

xo, Kim