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9 Brass Hardware Options under $35

Hi all! Today I am sharing 9 Brass Hardware options under 35 dollars!

When it comes to revamping a space, there are a few things that I always focus on to really elevate the look and feel of a room. When you're  on a budget, these items can make a huge difference in the overall look of what could otherwise be a simple or even drab space. I am going to do a post on my " room revamp checklist", but for today, I really wanted to focus on one aspect I always focus on to amp up a space,  hardware. (Meaning the knobs or pulls for kitchen cabinets, for example) Great hardware can really make or break a space in my opinion. They are such a small physical detail, yet can make such a huge statement. 

For the last few weeks, I have been helping consult on a huge project for my girlfriend Lauren, who is completely gutting her midcentury modern home. She has a vision of how she wants the home to feel overall, but I am helping narrow down the options and get specific on what they are doing throughout the house. Since the entire home is going to be remodeled, you can imagine that would be costly, so I am making sure to only send her options that are affordable while still being chic, and accomplishing the look we are going for. I have eclectic taste in general but love a modernized version of vintage style. Lauren loves classic and more simple vibes but is totally willing to do some fun details like BRASS HARDWARE in the kitchen and powder room! I was so excited to hear her say that but knew the hardware I have been coveting is outrageously priced since its Waterworks, (the place where all of my dreams live) an amazing place for inspiration but super costly. 

I wanted to find hardware that maintained a similar chic and modernized aesthetic but like 99% less expensive! I found some great options that I would use in a heartbeat in my own home, but more than that, fit the simple and clean look Lauren is going for. Check out the options I found below:

Affordable Brass Hardware Options Under $35

(and most under $10!)



I love how all of these are simple but also pretty and really clean looking. They aren't going to take over a space at all, but will definitely elevate it. We are going to use brass hardware in the kitchen and powder room for a pop and then use stainless steel in the other bathrooms for a less trendy look throughout the house. 

I will keep you updated on design ideas and plans as they come as well as before and afters when the majority of the remodel is complete. Do you guys like brass hardware? If so, which one is your fave? I LOVE it and think it's timeless if you choose a substantial option that feels quality. Comment below on your thoughts!

xo, Kim

My Midcentury Modern Home Exterior Revamp


Happy Friday all!

As many of you know if you follow along on Instagram, Chay and I have moved around quite a bit over the last 3 years. We love to change things up and before we have kids we are trying to be intentional about exploring places that we may want to settle down in and our most recent move brought us to Redondo Beach.

Why Redondo? I am from The Southbay, specifically Palos Verdes, and this is home for us and where most of my family lives. It's also very close to Chay's office. We moved from Echo Park, where we lived in our first home for just shy of a year! We loved it so much but saw a great opportunity to get a great deal on a home in a beautiful (albeit quiet and maybe a bit slow paced for my taste) beach town that will be a great investment whether or not we decide to sell or stay. It is minutes from family and friends and felt like a good idea to try and see how we like it!

Well, as many of you know if you are looking into purchasing a home,  beach cities don't give you quite the same bang for your buck as cities more inland. We knew if we bought this house we needed to do some work on the aesthetics like finishes, floors, and cabinetry etc, but the bones and layout are great!

It's a midcentury open floor plan with a flat roofline and beamed ceilings. The inside needs a good amount of updating, but we thought why not give the exterior a quick and affordable makeover as we wait for the right time to remodel or sell! I know we just moved here, but were not really the type that feels tied to any home/decision if we're not in love with it. Sooo we're just giving it some time to see if it's a home that we want to pour our time/energy/hearts into, or if another area is where we would rather be. We knew we would be adding some value for minimal cost, and knew the refacing and actual future exterior wouldn't make any sense to do now and pour money into just yet.

So lets check out the before photos!


notice the cypress trees to the far left of the photo. There were 2o at 50 feet high! Ugh!

notice the cypress trees to the far left of the photo. There were 2o at 50 feet high! Ugh!


So not into the color scheme here! Its fine and cute and way better than it used to be even a few years prior, but still just kinda blah and like its trying too hard to look "midcentury".

We decided to just paint the bright white glossy trim (that I hated) a charcoal black color to have a more modern feeling with the dark grey color of the house as a way to be monochromatic and less "beachy". Our front door was a bright neon orange as an attempt from the previous realtors to make the house look stereotypical Midcentury but it wasn't the right orange color for a statement front door! We painted that charcoal as well as the basic factory garage door. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

To really spice things up we tore out the 20(!!!!) 50 foot tall Cypress trees (you know the really skinny and tall pine tree looking trees with spiders and rats living inside?), some small random tree with red berries on it, a ton of grass and random landscape the previous owners slapped on the lawn before they sold. 

I wanted easy to maintain desert landscape in all monochromatic greens and blues. I love being in The Desert and love how clean and chic desert landscape looks in front of a midcentury home. I picked about 5 types of succulents without going too crazy because that can end up looking over the top and almost dirty with too many variations (do you know what I mean? Like the people with a thousand types of plants in their yard with no theme at all or plan, just a crazy mess of plants and weeds). We added some modern pavers with black Mexican beach rock in between and called it a day! (Well it took two weeks hahaha but you know what I am saying!)

Now for the after pics!



With a little paint in a more modern color  (we used Farrow and Balls "Railings" and color matched it!) and new landscape, I think the house looks more clean and polished than it did when we moved in. I'm super happy with the results to buy us some time to figure out what we wanna do! Do you guys have any tips for afforable curb appeal? Id love to know. Leave a comment with your ideas!

xo, Kim





The 5 Things You Need to Host A Successful Party


Hi Everyone!

So something you may not know about me unless you are one of my friends is that I love to host get-togethers. It can be a girls night with just a couple friends, or a birthday party with 20-30 people. I am no expert on event planning, but I love to welcome people into my home and create a comforting and warm atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable and has fun.

I also think holding get-togethers (do I sound old saying get- togethers?) or inviting people over is also a great excuse to get those projects for your house or apartment that you have been putting off into action! Just sayin'. Maybe throw a party and you'll finally get those pictures hung or floors redone!

Anyways,I know for many, the idea of hosting something can seem daunting because you might not innately be interested in decor or cooking or presentation. I list these things because we all know someone in our circle that seems to do all of these things well! My twin sister is so good at all the details that it takes to throw a gorgeous and welcoming event. No pressure! Lol. She has taught me so much!

I thought I'd share my little cheat sheet on the short list I created for myself to make things look good, taste good, while still being easy on the prep side as well as share the other aspects like decor that I always go back to to make things easy. Also, I left off alcohol because everyone has their preference. But I have to say, if you love cocktails, Pinterest a fresh cocktail recipe and prep in advance. If you are into wine, a few reds and whites should cover it. I always count on two glasses per person and do the math on how many bottles I need because some people drink more and some don't drink at all. Always have a little more for good measure and if you live in LA, K&L Wines and Silverlake Wine has amazing selections! 

5 things you need to throw a good party:

1. A (Beautiful) Cheeseboard- It goes a long way and if you assemble with care and add a few cute touches like dried fruits, rosemary sprigs, and display on some sort of pretty tray or rustic cheeseboard, it can be a centerpiece to the table! We make huge ones for our parties and I have copied pictures from pinterest and it ends up looking great! My sister is Queen of the cheeseboard. We go to Trader Joes a lot of the time and get all the ingredients there! Sometimes I go to Whole Foods if I want it to be extra fancy but for the most part, Trader Joes or a quality store will have all you need.


2. Candles- I always like to set a mood at my home because I want people to walk in and feel at ease. I do this in the most simple way by lighting candles in the bathrooms, entry, and main room where people will be hanging out. In the entry and bath, I use scented candles (Anthropologie, Diptyque, Trapp, or P.F. Candle Co.  are my faves and are made with good quaity wax so they dont smell too much and give me a headache). I always try and use white non scented near the food or in the main area so the soft light sets a nice mood without overpowering the smell of the food.

shop the post


3. Music- A party without music just tends to feel boring and awkward. I hate to say it because everyone can be having a great time without it, but having the background music creates an atmosphere that feels special, festive, creats fluidity. I sometimes feel stuck in a conversation if its too quiet, even if the conversation has taken its course and ended naturally. For some reason it just makes it or awkward to move on. Music is a welcomed distraction and soundtrack in social settings, so I always love to have it on low in the background. My favorites are Bossa Nova, Classical Jazz, or in the rare occasion people are wanting to get rowdy (which never happens), a playlist of something modern and new from pop artists.


4. Decor- This area tends to be the easiest for me because I love interior design and have eclectic style, so my house usually has some design to it already. When I throw a party though, I like to add twinkly lights for atmosphere, greenery and flowers to soften things and make the house feel finished and pulled together. I literally go to Trader Joes (again) and buy their flowers and greenery to spread across my table, consoles, and put flowers in a few vases. I prefer all green monochromatic plants if possible to look more wild and lush. 


5. Entree Salad- Okay this might seem strange to make this a must, but I swear by entree salads to go a long way when it comes to feeding your guests. I am the QUEEN of salad making. I have been eating healthy for years because I have always wanted to stay in shape for modeling, so I had to get creative. Salads are also easy to make, take very little time and feed lots of people. I always include filling ingredients that have lots of flavor as well so people think they are eating something unhealthy and rich when in reality most of the ingredients are clean and nutritious. Put the salad in a beautiful big bowl, I use a large low and wide white bowl from Crate and barrel with pretty salad utensils to make it look that much prettier.

 P.S. I have a formula for always making popular salads again and again with different ingredients. For that Cheat sheet and grocery list example, just subscribe to the blog below and the pdf. will be sent to your inbox!



I really focus on this clear and easy  list to make any party I hold seem doable and less stressful. As long as I can focus on small tasks, I wont get overwhelmed when I have people over. I hope this helps make hosting a party a little bit easier for you, and if you have any suggestions, I would love to know. Leave them in the comments below! 

xo, Kim