Okay ladies so I know for some of you, this sounds crazy and weird. Shaving your face? At home? Without a medical grade blade and a licensed aesthetician?


Allow me to back up for a sec. So I got dermaplane for the first time on my skin about 5 years ago and was amazed at how smooth and glowy your skin instantly looks. For those of you who don't know, dermaplaning is essentially when you get your face shaved with a medical grade blade, performed by an aesthetician. It is done at the beginning of facials to get rid of dull, dead, and dry skin as well as peach fuzz to allow the your skin to really absorb the products and to make you look smooth and fresh!

It's AMAZING. I love the way makeup goes on and how dewy and smooth I look for weeks. 

Sooooo then do I need to pay $125 for a facial everyyyytime my peach fuzz grows back?


I was introduced to an eyebrow shaper that has the same effect and costs a few dollars! Now after having done this for 4 years, I can tell you it is the perfect option to keep you fresh and smooth while you wait to save up for another facial. My hair doesn't grow back darker or thicker as some fear. It is no different from what an aesthetician does although they get a closer shave to get more dull skin off, but it generally does the same thing.

I'll demonstrate how to do this yourself and what NOT to do and things to make sure of before you start. Okay, Now for the video.


I hope this clears things up a little bit and maybe makes it a little less scary to try. It might be worthwhile to get a facial first to understand the benefits of it so that when it starts to grow in again, you have a foundation on how its meant to feel etc. from a professional doing it.  Comment below with questions or concerns!

xo, Kim