11 Small Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Happy Friday all!

As many of you know, Chay and I are living in Silver Lake these days and love our home so much! It's modern but cozy and has that West Coast Modern vibe to it that we love with big windows, clean lines, and views of the hills where we live. It's a bit small for some peoples taste, but for us it's perfect! It comes in at 1,350 square feet, but the outdoor space makes it much more usable, with two decks and a terraced yard with lots of lush California landscape.  We LOVE IT!

So, what is this new project we are kicking around? Welp, it's been a hot summer here in LA and we have been dying for a pool....but a typical lap pool is not an option in our yard due to the hillside and deck space. I've been doing my research and think a "spool" aka plunge pool could be the perfect option as we have the space on our bottom deck. I'm obsessed with these options below as inspo for the direction we can go in. What do you guys think? Let me know! I'd love to get your input! 


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Let me know which ideas you love best in the comments below! We're super excited to find out contractor and get going on this project. Stay tuned for updates!! 

xo, Kim