Modern Eclectic- My New (and Fun!) Statement Boots

One of my favorite types of shoes are boots. I love them because they are casual, versatile, and can transition easily from day to night. I wear them with everything.  As long as the shape and height of the boot work with my look, I'm good to go!

I've been wearing boots for years as a main stay in my wardrobe because I love things to feel casual and effortless, yet at the same time, have an eclectic flare to them. Boots feel grounded to me, so its fun to have pairs that really make a statement to have that contrast but still be able to wear them regularly because the style is casual enough. I tend to gravitate towards pieces with an interesting touch, color, or element that feels special or unique, rather than classic and safe. Of course I have items that are staples for layering, but in general, I don't tend to shop for practicality. I buy items that inspire me to get dressed and feel the way I want to feel, and normally that is something that looks and feels modern with a retro or vintage flair. Something with some character.

When I saw these boots from Rich Cast of Characters, I died because they are soo me! I am drawn to fun, eclectic, quirky, and funky. (In fact I get nervous spending money on investment pieces that aren't fun in some way) They remind me of the 70s, and I am all about that eclectic 70's style so it was a natural fit.   I have also been loving celestial designs for the last couple years so the pink and red stars and lighting bolt mixed with the silver metallic leather make these boots winners. They are show stoppers and I feel so fun wearing them and am so grateful to Rich Cast of Characters for sending them to me, knowing they matched my aesthetic so well. 

I always love finding out about new shoe lines that fit my look. Do you guys have any favorites you recommend? I would love to know!

xo, Kim

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