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A couple of years ago I took an internship with fashion label, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, in order to see if perhaps I wanted to transition from modeling into the other side of fashion. I knew I loved the creative process and would absolutely feel inspired everyday getting to work around beautiful garments that had that California girl eclectic vibe I am so attracted to. However, I didn't know if it would be worth the plunge to quit modeling. Thank goodness I gave it a trial run because it was a grind and not the rewarding kind. In the end, I got a killer wardrobe out of my four months interning there by working the sample sales and getting ridiculous prices on the pieces from the previous season. One of my favorite items I got were these lamb leather track pants that retailed at a whopping $900 and I got them for $70...I know, it really is annoying to hear about other peoples lucky finds! But just because this was a one time deal doesn't mean you can't get similar ones. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep your eye out for sample sales from your favorite labels if you live in the LA or NYC area (follow them on instagram to be up to date) because they happen constantly and can have awesome finds if you take the time to search. If you don't, eBay it or check out sites like Poshmark or The Real Real  . It's totally worth taking the time to find quality pieces before you make a splurge, because Lord knows its saved me some serious dough over the years.


Get the look $-$$$ HERE , HERE, HERE

Toga Pulla Boots

 H&M Sweater

I love the way leather pants look on people but I have yet to find a pair of skinny leather pants that go around my thighs...or knees (why does it seem like they only make them for size 0s???!)

 I am thrilled with my comfortable version!  

Do you guys like the idea of leather track pants? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Kim


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