London Look- Plaid x Plaid and the pieces I wore to DEATH in London


When in London, dress as the Londoners do, right?

 I'm not saying that every Londoner dresses like this, but I did notice when I was there the last couple times that people are just more buttoned up and chic. I LOVE IT! LA vibes are more relaxed and casual which is great for getting outta the house,  but its nice to change it up and put a bit more effort in my daily look.

I love plaids for winter and feel they just add a bit more style to an outfit. This plaid hat is super affordable and soooo chic, I am obsessed. I could have 20 of these fisherman style hats. This Zara blazer is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Its long, tailored, warm as a layering piece, but cool enough to wear with a tee. I paired them with these Dolce Vita slate grey suede booties that I wore allll around London and they were so comfy. Such a score! 

These items are all favorites right now and I wear them to death, in LA or London. Do you guys love plaid as much as I do for winter? Let me know in the comments below! 

XO, Kim

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ZARA Plaid Cap

ZARA Plaid Blazer



London in My Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots + Pink coat


Chay (my husband, for those of you new to KR!) and I are loving our time in London town! We are finally getting to spend some uninterrupted quality time together and it has been amazing. London is one of those special places to me that feels so romantic and charming yet still so fast paced and current making it an ideal destination for those wanting a city vibe that feels so different from home in the states.

I love that everything here has so much character. The buildings are gorgeous and ornate, the grass is lush and the parks are serene. I truly could live here! 


It was much colder than I realized it would be, which was a welcomed change from LA's 75 degree winters. I knew I'd be able to wear cute knit sweaters and my new Stuart Wietzman "Tielands", but wasn't really aware of just how cold it would feel... Luckily I brought a coat that was pretty warm (albeit mostly for "show" at home, definitely not cold enough to wear regularly but hey, that's fashion right?) and my boots that are AMAZING on and warm. 

These boots were a gift from Chay and I had put them on my wishlist a couple years ago, knowing these were totally a splurge item I would never buy "willy nilly" for myself. I was so excited to get them and have them for this trip, especially because they are comfortable and very warm over  skinnies.

I got the "Tielands" vs. the "Thighlands"," Highlands", "Lowlands", etc. because I wanted a little lift and to feel more sexy than how I'd feel in flat boots (although the lowlands are also on my list!). It took a while to find the right fit and style, because with Stuart Weitzman, it's a bit hard to tell the difference online between the different types of over the knee boots if you are new to the search. 

I am such a fan of these as an investment piece, but if these are just out of the question at the moment (which they were for me too for years!), I compiled a couple options here and here that are chic, with a great shape, and great price.

Do you guys love Stuart Weitzmans too? Let me know in the comments below! 





Thrift Pink Faux Fur + Ornate Marc Fisher Heels


Can we please take a second to discuss how unreal this pink faux J. Crew jacket is?! 

OMG.  I am so in love with it. It's totally loud and verrrrry warm, some (my husband) might say it's unnecessarily warm for Los Angeles weather...but like, what if you go to NYC? London? Utah to ski? Whistler?

Right? Duh, come on, it's totally necessary! Haha okay, so to be perfectly honest, I would not seek out a thick, expensive jacket unless I felt like it was necessary for where I lived. BUT, (MAJOR BUT) I spotted this heaven-sent piece at Crossroads trading co. (more on my fave. consignment stores HERE) FOR $40!! So obviously I had to have it. Plus, I usually only buy once I have sold some stuff, so most of the time, I am trading clothes for clothes. WIN WIN!

I know it's not fair and I am sorry about that.  But, I searched and some are being sold on eBay and the like! GO! NOW!!  (similar here and here)

I wore this look to a Christmas dinner party and loved it, especially with these gorgeous and fun Marc Fisher Heels in this pretty pale pink and ornate pattern. I especially love the medium height block heel. Perfect for a tall girl that still likes the feeling of some lift, because... I just can't limit myself to kitten heels! I got them at Nordstrom Rack for a killer deal during the holidays and have been wearing them non stop.

If you love this look too, you can shop my entire outfit below in the " Shop the Post " section! 






Thrift Find: My New Emerald Green Robe (that I'm dying over)


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good thrift find and I am constantly on the hunt. I started thrift and consignment shopping when I was in college, because well, I was broke and wasn't given a huge monthly stipend like some of my friends that came from money (which I am so grateful for and would never do it differently because it made me stick to a budget and appreciate the value of a dollar).  

I always loved fashion and have had a strong sense of personal style since I was young, but in order to look the way I wanted to in college, I had to thrift and consignment shop to find my clothes. I fell in LOVE! If you search long enough, there are amazing finds out there, it just takes patience! I love stores like Crossroads and Wasteland, but there are second hand stores all over the place. You just gotta give them a try and see if they carry current and quality items.

Over the years as our careers have become more stable and have allowed more flexibility financially, I am able to buy some things that are more of an investment. I will never give up thrifting though, its just a smart way to shop. FOR INSTANCE, I found this robe that is currently full priced on Revolve with the tags on! 

I am in love with the color, pattern, and feel of this  robe by L'academie (that also comes in a floral pattern).I wish I could find you guys the same deal on this robe that I got, but you know how thrifting goes! Luck of the draw): but I'm secretly happy about it! haha #sorrynotsorry. 

I love this casual look and am in love with these AGOLDE jeans. They are perfect dressed up or down. They are California casual at its best, and that's my absolute favorite way to dress...of course mixed with something eclectic. I love this look and highly recommend getting this robe if you like the robe or kimono look! Its amazing. Details and more pics below!



If you guys love, let me know in the comments below:) I LOVE to hear from you. XO!


6 Coats I am loving for Winter


As I am writing this post, I am sitting in my house with socks, cozy sweatpants, and an oversized sweater on from Zara all bundled up with my dog, Cookie, laying on me. Heaven.

I can finally post about cold weather pieces without feeling like an idiot because here in LA, it stays hot till mid November! In the last few days its gotten chilly in the beach cities of LA, where I live. I have been loving reasons to wear my fun coats and jackets. If you know me you'll know I have a rolling rack in my closet dedicated to outwear. I love looking at the rack filled with fun faux furs, sparkly blazers, beaded this, and crocheted that. That rolling rack contains my favorite pieces in my whole closet! 

As much as I love a plethora of styles. I am very particular about fit and tailoring, fabric and quality. It doesnt have to be designer or expensive to meet that standard, it just needs to look and fit well. I hate things that have tacky fabrics that look itchy or uncomfortable or are overly trendy items that are clearly fads, I shared coats that I feel look expensive and stylish with a great shape! I also rounded up coats for all budgets, that I have been loving and wanting for upcoming trips (hint. hint..this is my taste if my husband reads my blog. honey can we please go somewhere snowy soon?) Hope you guys love the options I am sharing! 

Coat roundup

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Tres Chic Ruffle Sweaters


Hi all! I hope you're all having the best start to your Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I feel like this week really kicks off the "Holiday season" and I'm starting to feel that buzz in the air that only this time can bring!. The Holidays for me represent so much joy, family time, warm and cozy homes filled with laughter and conversation. I can't wait!

With the holidays come parties and reasons to get together, which hopefully means shopping sessions with a coffee in hand and decorations everywhere! I love to spend time with my sisters walking around, trying on cozy knits and party pieces and plan my looks for whatever fun event is coming up! Doing just that, I spotted this Line and Dot sweater at Anthro and LOVED IT immediately. It is soooo soft and simple, yet has that extra punch with the ruffled details down the sleeves. BTW, I am usually not big on frilly things but I am really loving this ruffle trend happening right now. It makes the look feel that much more special and interesting without having to be a loud color or print (which I dont hate!). I found a couple others here and here that are super cute as well, and pretty affordable!

I paired this look with my new favorite black and beige color blocked heels by Senso that are also so soft and comfortable. I could wear them all day! The rest of my outfit linked and pictured below in case you love and want to check them out. XO!


I tried this sweater on 3 times on different occasions before I pulled the trigger and bought it. I wanted it so bad, but I dont normally make paying full price a habit. I felt bad at the time but feel so good now seeing how cute yet simple and chic it is! Do you guys agree? If so, find more options below that you can shop by clicking on the images. xo!!



Oversized Patchwork Knit + Denim Mini


As you know from my previous posts, I'm loving the hint of Fall we are getting here in Los Angeles and I am taking every opportunity to dress for it. I also love the cozy oversized knit look but felt like its hard for me to pull off since I'm already 6 feet tall and wouldn't want to make myself appear larger or wear something that was unflattering to my more athletic shape. However, when I spotted this patchwork knit in different shades of red, I fell in love and knew I had to make it work. (It also comes in gray!) I'm also not typically a fan of red on myself because for whatever reason, I feel kinda cheesy wearing it as a I felt like it mades me stand out more and I'm already so tall. Sooo I avoided it for a while in fear of looking like a big cheesy blonde tomato. Well, those days are over! I snatched it up and wear it all the time and am actually loving red on me!

 I paired it here with a denim mini by GRLFRND denim so that I was balancing the oversized shape with some skin on the bottom amped up by these All Saints heeled boots to make the look more sexy and fun. I am loving this cozy look because I was so comfy but also felt a little sexy and fashionable at the same time. Win Win! 


I really love the shape of these boots!


Do you guys love this look? I'm feeling like I'll be wearing more of these oversized knits with denim minis since LA seems to be slow on the Fall train.  Also, if you love, don't forget to click on the images below to shop!




Linen Two Piece Set


I recently went to the new The Reformation store on Melrose to look for some pieces that would be fun for my sister and my 30th birthday celebrations! We turn 30 on Wednesday, September 13th and are obsessed with our birthday, so of course I had to plan my looks in advance to make sure I looked cute for the different celebrations we have planned. I fell in love with everything of course because Reformation is amazing and never fails me, but was partial to this linen two piece. It reminded me of something Brigitte Bardot would wear on the French Riviera. I love that the top and bottom can be interchangeable and worn separate to create many looks. 

The set is no longer available but you can similar tops here, here and here to pair with similar bottoms here and here. They all would go well together to look like a pair, or separate!

Do you love this look? Let me know in the comments below! 

XO, Kim