Alright, ladies, you know what time it is!

That's right, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Yikes! I have a love/hate relationship with Valentines Day. I love it because I'm a romantic and love any opportunity to celebrate and go to dinner, lets be honest. Food makes this girl happy!

The "hate" part comes from the fact that I'm terrible at buying Chay gifts because he isn't really into "stuff". He is surprisingly hard to give gifts to because he doesn't like or need a whole lot. He's a minimalist and prefers to dress that way, you know, he keeps it simple.  A little background on Chay: He's a super athlete (ahem, he's an Olympian!), down to earth, very entrepreneurial, and just an all-around good guy. He is not trendy (which I love!) and could not care less about flashy designers and labels that he feels are gaudy (I think some are just fine haha! I wouldn't mind some labels here and there lol!). You get the idea. He's a dude, so the more minimal for him, the better.

Every year, as Valentine Day approaches, I feel this pressure to get him an awesome gift to show him how much I appreciate him, but don't know where to start because of all the reasons I mentioned above. Well, this year I planned ahead!


I got Chay a really cool wood watch because the aesthetic is very me and verrrry Chay! If you follow along on Instagram (here!), you know I love a boho-luxe look. Meaning, bohemian and down to earth, but with a chic and more minimal vibe. These types of watches are unique, well made, and understated. I love that. They are also a more affordable option when it comes to investment (time) pieces (see what I did there?)! Here is what I LOVE about the designs of the watch I got for Chay and the company, "Jord":

1. The aesthetic is classy, not flashy

2. Chay will want to wear this watch because it's super unique, made of natural materials, and feels very quality without being bulky or overly trendy.

3. It's not typical. I don't know anyone else with this specific watch. It feels like such a special gift and they even engrave if you want, to make it more special.

I wanted to give it to Chay in a fun environment so that it would feel extra special, so I waited till we got to our loft in Downtown LA, a place we both love to be. For those of you who don't know, we live primarily in Redondo Beach and have an investment place in DTLA and Palm Springs (thus pictures on my gram from all of those places). DTLA is the perfect weekend spot for us and we both love to be there! It feels so special, so I knew it would feel extra special giving him this watch on the rooftop at our loft to really amp up the ambiance. Plus, this year has been a trying one for us since moving from Echo Park, an area we loved, to a more quiet area that works for Chay's commute but is a little isolating for me. I really wanted to show Chay that I loved him with his gift and trust him because he is always so concerned about my happiness, but I want him to feel that love too!

I decided to give it to him early because I couldn't wait any longer. (plus I really wanted to get this post up for you guys to have all the info!) He loves it! He wears it all the time and says he loves it most because he can wear it to casual business meetings or fancy dinners with clients and it transitions well without ever looking flashy or too casual. See!? Minimal works! I LOVE THAT! It is so HIM and I felt like I finally got him something he loves! He is always working so hard and wants to spoil me because he is such a selfless guy, but I find it hard to do the same for him because he is sooo easy going. I love that this year he felt spoiled and feels put together and sharp when he wears it!


Do you guys know what you're going to do for your man on Valentines Day, or are you running around frantic last minute? I love this watch and think it would make a special gift for your honey, plus you'll love it too! (Isn't it the worst when they wear stuff that's just.not.cute?) And since the big day falls on Wednesday, maybe wait till Saturday to celebrate and buy yourself some time! This would be a great gift regardless of the occasion. Check out the watches below and let me know what you think!! I hope you guys have the best day with or without a significant other. No man? No problem, treat yo self-ladies!

For the watch I got Chay:

xo, Kim

London Look- Plaid x Plaid and the pieces I wore to DEATH in London


When in London, dress as the Londoners do, right?

 I'm not saying that every Londoner dresses like this, but I did notice when I was there the last couple times that people are just more buttoned up and chic. I LOVE IT! LA vibes are more relaxed and casual which is great for getting outta the house,  but its nice to change it up and put a bit more effort in my daily look.

I love plaids for winter and feel they just add a bit more style to an outfit. This plaid hat is super affordable and soooo chic, I am obsessed. I could have 20 of these fisherman style hats. This Zara blazer is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Its long, tailored, warm as a layering piece, but cool enough to wear with a tee. I paired them with these Dolce Vita slate grey suede booties that I wore allll around London and they were so comfy. Such a score! 

These items are all favorites right now and I wear them to death, in LA or London. Do you guys love plaid as much as I do for winter? Let me know in the comments below! 

XO, Kim

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ZARA Plaid Cap

ZARA Plaid Blazer



London in My Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots + Pink coat


Chay (my husband, for those of you new to KR!) and I are loving our time in London town! We are finally getting to spend some uninterrupted quality time together and it has been amazing. London is one of those special places to me that feels so romantic and charming yet still so fast paced and current making it an ideal destination for those wanting a city vibe that feels so different from home in the states.

I love that everything here has so much character. The buildings are gorgeous and ornate, the grass is lush and the parks are serene. I truly could live here! 


It was much colder than I realized it would be, which was a welcomed change from LA's 75 degree winters. I knew I'd be able to wear cute knit sweaters and my new Stuart Wietzman "Tielands", but wasn't really aware of just how cold it would feel... Luckily I brought a coat that was pretty warm (albeit mostly for "show" at home, definitely not cold enough to wear regularly but hey, that's fashion right?) and my boots that are AMAZING on and warm. 

These boots were a gift from Chay and I had put them on my wishlist a couple years ago, knowing these were totally a splurge item I would never buy "willy nilly" for myself. I was so excited to get them and have them for this trip, especially because they are comfortable and very warm over  skinnies.

I got the "Tielands" vs. the "Thighlands"," Highlands", "Lowlands", etc. because I wanted a little lift and to feel more sexy than how I'd feel in flat boots (although the lowlands are also on my list!). It took a while to find the right fit and style, because with Stuart Weitzman, it's a bit hard to tell the difference online between the different types of over the knee boots if you are new to the search. 

I am such a fan of these as an investment piece, but if these are just out of the question at the moment (which they were for me too for years!), I compiled a couple options here and here that are chic, with a great shape, and great price.

Do you guys love Stuart Weitzmans too? Let me know in the comments below! 





6 Coats I am loving for Winter


As I am writing this post, I am sitting in my house with socks, cozy sweatpants, and an oversized sweater on from Zara all bundled up with my dog, Cookie, laying on me. Heaven.

I can finally post about cold weather pieces without feeling like an idiot because here in LA, it stays hot till mid November! In the last few days its gotten chilly in the beach cities of LA, where I live. I have been loving reasons to wear my fun coats and jackets. If you know me you'll know I have a rolling rack in my closet dedicated to outwear. I love looking at the rack filled with fun faux furs, sparkly blazers, beaded this, and crocheted that. That rolling rack contains my favorite pieces in my whole closet! 

As much as I love a plethora of styles. I am very particular about fit and tailoring, fabric and quality. It doesnt have to be designer or expensive to meet that standard, it just needs to look and fit well. I hate things that have tacky fabrics that look itchy or uncomfortable or are overly trendy items that are clearly fads, I shared coats that I feel look expensive and stylish with a great shape! I also rounded up coats for all budgets, that I have been loving and wanting for upcoming trips (hint. hint..this is my taste if my husband reads my blog. honey can we please go somewhere snowy soon?) Hope you guys love the options I am sharing! 

Coat roundup

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Tres Chic Ruffle Sweaters


Hi all! I hope you're all having the best start to your Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I feel like this week really kicks off the "Holiday season" and I'm starting to feel that buzz in the air that only this time can bring!. The Holidays for me represent so much joy, family time, warm and cozy homes filled with laughter and conversation. I can't wait!

With the holidays come parties and reasons to get together, which hopefully means shopping sessions with a coffee in hand and decorations everywhere! I love to spend time with my sisters walking around, trying on cozy knits and party pieces and plan my looks for whatever fun event is coming up! Doing just that, I spotted this Line and Dot sweater at Anthro and LOVED IT immediately. It is soooo soft and simple, yet has that extra punch with the ruffled details down the sleeves. BTW, I am usually not big on frilly things but I am really loving this ruffle trend happening right now. It makes the look feel that much more special and interesting without having to be a loud color or print (which I dont hate!). I found a couple others here and here that are super cute as well, and pretty affordable!

I paired this look with my new favorite black and beige color blocked heels by Senso that are also so soft and comfortable. I could wear them all day! The rest of my outfit linked and pictured below in case you love and want to check them out. XO!


I tried this sweater on 3 times on different occasions before I pulled the trigger and bought it. I wanted it so bad, but I dont normally make paying full price a habit. I felt bad at the time but feel so good now seeing how cute yet simple and chic it is! Do you guys agree? If so, find more options below that you can shop by clicking on the images. xo!!



Ashford Castle

Happy Monday ladies!

Check out my recap of our time at Ashford castle and some recommendations we would suggest to anyone venturing to this gorgeous place!

The first thing we did as soon as we got to the Castle was high tea inside the most gorgeous and ornate room overlooking the lake. The castle has been meticulously preserved and is more beautiful in person than any picture depicts. Some things to note:

-If you stay at the castle, its much more expensive. There is The Lodge at Ashford Castle, which is where we stayed. It's a third of the price and is gorgeous and has a great interior!

-In order to see the castle interior, you need to be a guest staying at the castle or have a reservation for one of the restaurants or for tea. If you plan on walking in for tea without a reservation, know that it most likely won't work out as its very popular! Book in advance!

One of my favorite activities was bike riding around the lush grounds that span over 365 acres. It was so fun to ride around and discover little bridges and creeks and horse stables. There was so much nature all around us and it was so impressive. I really felt like I was in another world. The bikes are complimentary at The Lodge too!

Other things I would have liked to know before we planned our schedules:

-The Castle and The Lodge provide a huge list of activities you can book from and we heard from numerous people that Falconry, clay shooting, the boat ride on the lake, and horse riding were activities we need to book. We did do the boat ride and it was absolutely gorgeous and so enjoyable. When we come back, I will definitely clay shoot, that is something I have always wanted to do! 

- Take morning walks around the grounds to see things more up close and grab a coffee from the cafe near the castle bridge.

- Take a walk into Cong, the village a few minutes by foot from the Castle. Its small and quaint and so cute! I'll be posting a little about Kong and other areas at Ashford in an outfit post later this week. 

Lets talk more about The Lodge:

-Totally different from the castle with a fun color palette and a more modern look. If you stay at The Lodge, you have the same access to the property and grounds. The perks are the same as long as you book reservations at any of the restaurants inside Ashford Castle. I am a sucker for ornate and historical detailing and the castle is a feast for the eyes! I also have a thing for pretty bathrooms and the woman's room on the main level is breathtaking. PURPLE MARBLE PEOPLE. PURPLE! It's so fun!

- From The Lodge, you can walk down to the boathouse to get picked up for the boat ride that happens twice a day for around 25 euros. 

-There are a couple awesome eateries at The Lodge and they are great for casual eats and bar bites.  The rooms are funky and clean and trendy which I love! They are the opposite of the ornate, historical, and traditional vibe of the Castle. If you are wanting the experience of staying on the grounds but don't want to pay so much, The Lodge is the perfect alternative for you. 

Outfit Details

SHOES Robert Clergerie

JEANS Madewell

TOP similar here Madewell

Have a great Tuesday ladies and don't forget to check out my instagram to enter my giveaway with Matiko Shoes! The contest ends July 18th and I will announce the winner on my blog next week! See you in a few days!




Street Style in Dublin Town

Check out my casual street style look from my time in Dublin, Ireland

Hi all and happy Friday!

I have been editing like crazy since my trip to Europe and am trying to roll out posts on my trip in a timely fashion, so trust me, there will be more to come! If you haven't gotten a chance to read up on my trip suggestions while in the French Riviera, check it out here and here. Or if you want to see one of my favorite looks while in Eze, check that out here.

Now, back to Ireland. My sister and I first went to Ashford castle and had an amazing time, and the details on that portion will be coming next week. We then made our way to Dublin for two days and I had never been. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it was definitely different from what I envisioned. It was smaller than I thought it would be, but of course very quaint and colorful with pubs and cobblestone streets all around. 

It was really fun to explore, but I was surprised at how quickly we had seen most of the areas we had wanted to visit. It really only took us about 4 hours of walking around to feel like we got a good idea of the cute and trendy areas one would want to spend time in as a visitor. Of course, there is always more to see and we didn't hit every sight by any means but we got a good visual idea. Dublin is big, but the downtown area is somewhat small.  From what we were told and observed, this is where people go to spend time, and the surrounding areas are mostly residential or office spaces. We stayed at The Dean, which I highly suggest as it's very hip, modern, ornate, and in a great central area to walk into the main part of town. They also have an awesome booklet of recommendations on where to go. Everything from great bars, restaurants, shops, and attractions in Dublin to guide you. Their rooftop bar and restaurant is also amazing and a fun hang out for hip crowds. I'll definitely stay there again!

I love the pops of red throughout the city. The shiny lacquer painted red pubs and restaurants with brass and black writing make ordinary streets feel special.  

If I were to go back (which i certainly plan on one day), I would choose to spend most of my time on the West coast of Ireland and have one day in Dublin to do the city thing. It's fun and so cute, but the breathtaking beauty of Ireland that really impressed me was on the West coast that I got to see from our time at Ashford castle. It is the quintessential part of Ireland with the rolling green hills, gorgeous coastline, villages, and lush greenery everywhere. I am so happy I got to see Dublin and experience it for a couple days but was wishing I had extended my trip at Ashford Castle since I felt like one full day in Dublin was enough to get my fix. 

Ireland is definitely a magical place that was so welcoming and charming. The people are gracious, the landscape is beautiful, and it truly feels like home in a strange way. The intimidation factor that often accompanies people while traveling seems to dissipate in Ireland and that is one of the reasons I love it so much. 

I feel most comfortable in boots, denim, and a tee and love that I could be casual and comfortable in Dublin and still feel stylish. I bought these culottes from Madewell and wear them to death. I paired them with this mens tee Adidas tee, similar here,my favorite leather jacket by All Saints, similar here, and my all time favorite Chloe boots.  Street style is one of my favorite go to vibes when getting dressed because you can express your personal style but still be casual and not fuss too much. I love love love fashion but don't care enough to stress myself out over getting dressed or impressing other people. I don't have time for that. When I travel, this type of look is my uniform and I simply switch out tops and the style of boot, but love this blueprint for everyday wear.

What do you guys wear on vacation and what's your go to look? I'd love to know in the comments below! 



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France Travel Diary Part 2

Hi Ladies! Happy day before the 4th! 

I thought I'd jump right in from where we left off in my France Travel Diary Part 1 where I discussed my time in Cluny and Theoule Sur Mer, so if you haven't read it yet and want a little insight, hop to!

From Theoule Sur Mer in Cannes, we decided to take our time driving to Eze which is about an hour- hour and a half drive to the East. We wanted to take the long way to get a really good idea about the small towns on the way that we didn't spend time in.  We drove through Cannes, Nice, and Antibes and my favorite by far was Antibes. The old part of the city was quaint, charming, and old, which of course, I am a sucker for. Fun fact: I was a History major in college at UCLA and love learning about European  countries!

Old Town Antibes is definitely a place I would love to see more of next time I go to France. I would recommend visiting Antibes for lunch and day time excursions while having a hotel similar to Tiara Yaktsa due to its somewhat remote location and breathtaking views. This part of the city is what you would expect when you think of cute French villages by the water. Colorful and lively with lots of charm due to the historic buildings and streets. 

From Antibes, we ventured to our final French destination, Eze, a famous Medieval village high above the sea overlooking the gorgeous Cote d'Azur! It truly was magical. We stayed at Chèvre d'Or, really the only place I would ever stay in Eze due to its wow factor (that I doubt could be beat elsewhere). The hotel is built into the walls of the village with its pool, bar, grounds, and restaurant accessible only to hotel or restaurant guests. It legitimately was a one of a kind experience that I hope to share with my husband Chay as it is the most romantic hotel!  

This is the gorgeous reception area built within the walls of the village

This is the gorgeous reception area built within the walls of the village

Our view from the outdoor bar and cafe where we had our welcome drinks! Sparkling Rose:)

Our view from the outdoor bar and cafe where we had our welcome drinks! Sparkling Rose:)

The entrance to the restaurant seen from where we were sitting sipping rose. Everything is perfection here!

The entrance to the restaurant seen from where we were sitting sipping rose. Everything is perfection here!

After drinks, we went to our room to change, and then explore the property on our way to the pool. I was giddy and felt like a kid in a candy shop. I was just so taken aback by how stunning and ornate everything was, not to mention meticulously preserved. You have to go! I don't care how, sell a kidney, it's worth it!

Very excited as you can see here haha. I think this was the best photo where I wasn't flashing the camera, but despite my subdued look, I'm dying on the inside.

Very excited as you can see here haha. I think this was the best photo where I wasn't flashing the camera, but despite my subdued look, I'm dying on the inside.

The greenery and ornate touches everywhere you turn make this hotel a masterpiece!

The greenery and ornate touches everywhere you turn make this hotel a masterpiece!

Views views views!

Views views views!

The hotel property terraces down as far as the eye can see, its incredible!

The hotel property terraces down as far as the eye can see, its incredible!

The gorgeous Italian inspired pool area. I felt like royalty taking a dip!

The gorgeous Italian inspired pool area. I felt like royalty taking a dip!


After a very relaxing day pool side soaking up the sun and views, we had the hotel make reservations for us in Monaco, which is only a 15 minute drive East.

Things I would suggest:

1. Research places in advance for dinner if you want to venture outside of the hotel. We took a so-so recommendation and didn't mind too much but wish we would have researched ourselves.

2. The hotel restaurant, La Chèvre d'Or is a famous 2 Michelin star restaurant, so if you're a foodie, go! Its pricey but it's a resounding fabulous place to spend at least one night.

3. The hotel is so fabulous, I would try to spend as much time there as possible to get some r and r (if you are only spending a couple days here). Venture to nearby Saint Jean Cap Ferrat or Monaco for brunch, but definitely soak in the beauty while you're paying for it!

4. The village is TINY, so maybe set aside a couple hours to see it and walk the small passage ways but you won't need much longer than that. Sneakers or comfy sandals would be best for this.

5. Monaco was cool but totally not a place I'd spend too much time seeing as I'm not a billionaire or love to gamble. However, it is a sight to see and I would suggest a meal or half day there. I love everything about the French Riviera so wanted to see as much as possible and suggest the same to anyone coming here, as long as it doesn't take away from the quality time you could be having getting to know the areas you most want to spend time in.

More on my trip to come, so keep your eyes peeled for a post on my time at Ashford Castle in Ireland.. Let me know if you have any other recommendations and places to stay, Id love to know!

xo!! Kim