Friyay faves: The New Jean Jacket + My Favorite Shoe Brand



I am a huge fan of jean jackets because they are pieces that can go from casual to trendy, depending on how you pair and wear them. This look is on the casual side, but I wanted to feel like I tried a litttttle bit, so threw on these By Far wrap around heeled loafers, and opted for this Current Elliot short sleeved jean jacket instead of a traditional one. 

I have been wearing this jean jacket allll the time lately and have gotten tons of compliments on it. It's kinda boxy which I like, because it gives the look a more street style feel, as it's less tailored and feminine. I also love this jacket with a long sleeved black turtleneck underneath to add a little dimension and to spice it up! What might otherwise be a more refined look, turns into a funkier and relaxed take on the typical fitted turtleneck and skinnies. I like to mix it up!

I also wanted to introduce you guys (if you haven't already fallen in love and stocked their instagram) to my favorite shoe label right now, By Far . Their shoes are perfect (and comfortable might I add)! The gorgeous shape of their boots, mules, slingbacks, and sandals are totally unique and honestly the best I have seen for these styles. They are definitely investment pieces, but I scored mine on Moda Operandi (they no longer have them) for just over $150, so you just have to keep your eyes peeled if youre looking for a deal (and honesly arent we all?!)! 

Check them out as well as some other cool jean jacket looks I am loving right now from designer to super affordable, shown below! And as always, let me know what you think and if you love these styles. I love your feedback ladies!

xo, Kim




The Staple Coat That Every Girl Needs



You gotta love a piece that not only feels super cozy but is also chic and fashionable. I live in a beachside community in LA where lululemon leggings are formal, so I like to have a good combo of clothes that are casual enough but also feel stylish and pulled together. This Madewell robe coat is an absolute staple in my wardrobe because I can wear it with skinny jeans and a pretty top for dinner out, or dress it down for a coffee run in a teeshirt and leggings.  It's so versatile, and with the constant sales Madewell always has in stores and online, there is a good chance you can get this one or one like it for a discount. I am also loving the mossy green color that I think looks great on everyone! 

People ask me everytime I wear it where I got it so I thought you guys would love to get the scoop! Keep in mind they have a verison of this coat every season at Madewell. I love this one specfically for its length and colors it comes in. Check out the rest of the look below and where to shop. Everything is linked as always! 

If you love, let me know in the comments section. I love to hear from you guys! 

xo, Kim

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London Look- Plaid x Plaid and the pieces I wore to DEATH in London


When in London, dress as the Londoners do, right?

 I'm not saying that every Londoner dresses like this, but I did notice when I was there the last couple times that people are just more buttoned up and chic. I LOVE IT! LA vibes are more relaxed and casual which is great for getting outta the house,  but its nice to change it up and put a bit more effort in my daily look.

I love plaids for winter and feel they just add a bit more style to an outfit. This plaid hat is super affordable and soooo chic, I am obsessed. I could have 20 of these fisherman style hats. This Zara blazer is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Its long, tailored, warm as a layering piece, but cool enough to wear with a tee. I paired them with these Dolce Vita slate grey suede booties that I wore allll around London and they were so comfy. Such a score! 

These items are all favorites right now and I wear them to death, in LA or London. Do you guys love plaid as much as I do for winter? Let me know in the comments below! 

XO, Kim

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ZARA Plaid Cap

ZARA Plaid Blazer



London in My Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots + Pink coat


Chay (my husband, for those of you new to KR!) and I are loving our time in London town! We are finally getting to spend some uninterrupted quality time together and it has been amazing. London is one of those special places to me that feels so romantic and charming yet still so fast paced and current making it an ideal destination for those wanting a city vibe that feels so different from home in the states.

I love that everything here has so much character. The buildings are gorgeous and ornate, the grass is lush and the parks are serene. I truly could live here! 


It was much colder than I realized it would be, which was a welcomed change from LA's 75 degree winters. I knew I'd be able to wear cute knit sweaters and my new Stuart Wietzman "Tielands", but wasn't really aware of just how cold it would feel... Luckily I brought a coat that was pretty warm (albeit mostly for "show" at home, definitely not cold enough to wear regularly but hey, that's fashion right?) and my boots that are AMAZING on and warm. 

These boots were a gift from Chay and I had put them on my wishlist a couple years ago, knowing these were totally a splurge item I would never buy "willy nilly" for myself. I was so excited to get them and have them for this trip, especially because they are comfortable and very warm over  skinnies.

I got the "Tielands" vs. the "Thighlands"," Highlands", "Lowlands", etc. because I wanted a little lift and to feel more sexy than how I'd feel in flat boots (although the lowlands are also on my list!). It took a while to find the right fit and style, because with Stuart Weitzman, it's a bit hard to tell the difference online between the different types of over the knee boots if you are new to the search. 

I am such a fan of these as an investment piece, but if these are just out of the question at the moment (which they were for me too for years!), I compiled a couple options here and here that are chic, with a great shape, and great price.

Do you guys love Stuart Weitzmans too? Let me know in the comments below! 





Thrift Pink Faux Fur + Ornate Marc Fisher Heels


Can we please take a second to discuss how unreal this pink faux J. Crew jacket is?! 

OMG.  I am so in love with it. It's totally loud and verrrrry warm, some (my husband) might say it's unnecessarily warm for Los Angeles weather...but like, what if you go to NYC? London? Utah to ski? Whistler?

Right? Duh, come on, it's totally necessary! Haha okay, so to be perfectly honest, I would not seek out a thick, expensive jacket unless I felt like it was necessary for where I lived. BUT, (MAJOR BUT) I spotted this heaven-sent piece at Crossroads trading co. (more on my fave. consignment stores HERE) FOR $40!! So obviously I had to have it. Plus, I usually only buy once I have sold some stuff, so most of the time, I am trading clothes for clothes. WIN WIN!

I know it's not fair and I am sorry about that.  But, I searched and some are being sold on eBay and the like! GO! NOW!!  (similar here and here)

I wore this look to a Christmas dinner party and loved it, especially with these gorgeous and fun Marc Fisher Heels in this pretty pale pink and ornate pattern. I especially love the medium height block heel. Perfect for a tall girl that still likes the feeling of some lift, because... I just can't limit myself to kitten heels! I got them at Nordstrom Rack for a killer deal during the holidays and have been wearing them non stop.

If you love this look too, you can shop my entire outfit below in the " Shop the Post " section! 






Fur Trim Robe + My New favorite Shoe brand- Stuart Weitzman


Hellllllo ladies!

Happy Monday! I hope the week is off to a roaring and productive start. Mine was terrible last week because I got sick AGAIN for the 10th time this year, no joke. I'm looking into what could be wrong with me, but last week started at a glacial pace  (although that saying may have a different connotation now with global warming...but you know what I mean!) so I am glad to be healthy and ready for a productive week.

With the holidays right around the corner, I am planning outfits and shopping a bit more than usual (oops)  and am loving all the fun statement pieces out there for holiday parties. When my sister brought home this amazing robe ( from where else but Zara?! love that place) , I had to borrow it and pair with some of my recent purchases...this is where the shoes come in.

I may be late on this train, but I am OBSESSED with Stuart Weitzmans'. I just bought these gorgeous suede heels from Nordstrom Rack and am in disbelief how comfy they are. NO JOKE, they are the most comfortable shoes. AND I am in love with the design and fit. Another pair of sandals I have from (ahem!) another Black Friday purchase are Stuart Weitzman as well and are just as cozy. The super soft suede, padded sole, and overall quality made me an immediate fan. NOT AN AD btw, I wish hahaha I just love this brand.

I paired these heels with this fun robe and black jeans by Reformation (which is also my new obessesion) and loved the look. The robe is a winner, I mean its peach with fur sleeves and floor length...need I say more?

I am really digging statement-making robes because they really polish off an outfit while adding a casual but trendy vibe to the overall look. I wear them dressed up and down, sometimes with ripped jeans and sandals, other times with slides and a skirt! It's all dependent on my mood and what I am feeling. After all, I don't think there are rules in fashion, just wear what you are comfortable in and you cant lose. 

Check out a few more robes I am loving as well as some other very similar heels below in my sho[ the post section!


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Are you guys loving this trend as much as me? And what about those shoes? I am so obsessed with them you have no idea, they're sooo comfortable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'd love to know which shoe brand you love, because comfort is very much my style. Please let me know in the comments below!

xo, Kim

Festive Velvet Skirt + A.P.C Mary Janes


If you're like me, you love a good velvet "get up". Velvet is just one of those fabrics that looks luxurious, rich in color, and festive any time of year you wear it!

Now that it's the holiday season, there are so many good velvet pieces out there to choose from. I kept walking past this Anthropologie velvet pencil skirt in the most gorgeous copper rose-y color. I finally caved because i just kept imagining it at a holiday party and how pretty it would look dressed up with gold jewelry and some gorgeous heels.

In this look I decided to dress it down-ish because I was in a more casual daytime vibe and I wasn't going anywhere tooooo festive... Alright, alright I went home to my dogs and husband for a night in but thats fun to me! (Im obsessed with my dogs and would rather hang out with them than anyone on the planet...true story) 

I paired it with A.P.C heeled mary janes, similar here, long white sleeve ruffled top, denim jacket ,similar here, and some messy waves (my natural waves of course, mostly because Im suuuuper lazy when it comes to doing my just takes so freaking long!) 

I am so into this skirt dressed up or down. I think it would look so chic and cute with a pair of white sneakers and a logo tee, or dressed up for a night out! Its so fun and can translate to many styles from boho to preppy to classic. I really feel like its an all around piece that really works for so many body types as well! 

Check out my shop the post section below if you want to check out each piece. Yay! Have an amazing weekend guys!





Thrift Find: My New Emerald Green Robe (that I'm dying over)


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good thrift find and I am constantly on the hunt. I started thrift and consignment shopping when I was in college, because well, I was broke and wasn't given a huge monthly stipend like some of my friends that came from money (which I am so grateful for and would never do it differently because it made me stick to a budget and appreciate the value of a dollar).  

I always loved fashion and have had a strong sense of personal style since I was young, but in order to look the way I wanted to in college, I had to thrift and consignment shop to find my clothes. I fell in LOVE! If you search long enough, there are amazing finds out there, it just takes patience! I love stores like Crossroads and Wasteland, but there are second hand stores all over the place. You just gotta give them a try and see if they carry current and quality items.

Over the years as our careers have become more stable and have allowed more flexibility financially, I am able to buy some things that are more of an investment. I will never give up thrifting though, its just a smart way to shop. FOR INSTANCE, I found this robe that is currently full priced on Revolve with the tags on! 

I am in love with the color, pattern, and feel of this  robe by L'academie (that also comes in a floral pattern).I wish I could find you guys the same deal on this robe that I got, but you know how thrifting goes! Luck of the draw): but I'm secretly happy about it! haha #sorrynotsorry. 

I love this casual look and am in love with these AGOLDE jeans. They are perfect dressed up or down. They are California casual at its best, and that's my absolute favorite way to dress...of course mixed with something eclectic. I love this look and highly recommend getting this robe if you like the robe or kimono look! Its amazing. Details and more pics below!



If you guys love, let me know in the comments below:) I LOVE to hear from you. XO!