My Top 5 Anti-Aging Skincare Products (Celebrity Aesthetician Approved!)

Hi guys!

Skincare is one of those things for me that I am willing to spend time and money on because I want to have healthy and young looking skin for as long as possible. I don't want to feel like I have to resort to botox, fillers, and procedures in order to reverse the signs of aging early on. I am not opposed to “baby” botox or anything like that (tiny amounts of botox to basically help you from creating deep wrinkles while still allowing you to have movement and expression) , but I do think it’s smart to work on prevention with your everyday products! While they are not cheap, they are much cheaper than a face lift later on in life!

I have been seeing an aesthetician religiously since January and have noticed a huge difference in my skin and she has recommended the products in the video above. I happened to be using most of them from doing my own research but was glad to see I was on the right track and that I was in good company as she treats many celebrities!

Comment below if you use any of these products and if not, which products you do use and would recommend. I am always looking for suggestions!

xo, Kim

Top 5 Sunscreen Brands


If you have been following along for a bit, you will know that sunscreen is non-negotiable. We all love when our fave leather jacket starts to wear and look weathered, but not our skin! We need to protect it with a quality sunscreen that goes on effortlessly, has a good consistency, and has a minimum of 40-50 SPF. Here are some of my favorites.



1. Supergoop- Loving Supergoop for its affordability, consistency on the skin and the mission of the brand.. Read more about that here.

2.La Roche Posay- I love the consistency of this quality brand. It truly is. a favorite product of mine.

3. Avene-There is a reason why Avene is the leading skincare line in European pharmacies. The affordabiity, quality, smell and effectiveness of all the products make it a winner again and again for me. I am a huge fan of many products in their line.

4. Kate Somerville- If you are okay with spending a bit more on your regiment, Kate is a winner. I really love the products I have tried from her line and LOVE the application. It feels luxurious and really works well.

5. Shiseido- Shiseido is a staple. Its no fuss branding and straight forward nature makes it appealing to me. I used their sunscreen all through my college water polo career to avoid burns and skin damage and loved the protection it gave me. 

Sunscreen Options

The Holy Grail: The Top 3 Ingredients You Must Use In Your Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen


Hello ladies and happy Friday!

Soooo skin is a super popular topic on my blog and Instagram that people always have so many questions about, so I had to do a post on my holy grail of face products. Yes? YES!

Okay, so I am no esthetician, but I have been modeling for the last 7 years and being around makeup artists and other models who are trading secrets constantly has naturally taught me a lot about skin care. Through osmosis I have absorbed some knowledge on how to stay as youthful and naturally (and unnaturally) glowing as possible for as long as possible. A select few products and brands get mentioned over and over, so get your pen and pads out and write this down (or just refer back to this know, technology!)!


The Holy Grail: The Top 3 Ingredients To Focus on In Your Skincare Regimen

1. Vitamin C Serum- Okay guys, this is a must! I apply my favorite Vitamin C serum (Ce Ferulic Acid by changer) in the morning on a clean face before I put on anything else. I was told that the best order to layer face products is from serums to thick moisturizers so this serum is first. The reason vitamin C is part of the Holy grail of face products is because it is very effective at fading and preventing spots, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen production while keeping new lines from forming, and it boosts the effects of your sunscreen that you should apply over Vitamin C serum.

HINT: Purchase skincare products only on trusted skincare sites or in a med spa. Otherwise you cannot be sure the products arent expired, thus making it more affordable on sites like Amazon. Don't do it!

2. Anti Oxidant Serum- My esthetician told me that a great and potent antioxidant product is a must in order to help fight off environmental stressors and pollutants. I have done lots of digging and its true, anti oxidants are the "fixers" and save cells from environmental damage as well as repair and stop damage from occuring. They also stimulate collagen, boost cell repair, and fade dark spots. 

Tip: CE Ferulic works great as an anti oxidant serum as well and you can combine anti oxidants to layer on each other because different ones fight free radicals in a different way.

3. SPF ALL THE WAY!- SPF is a non negotioable! There is no excuse for not wearing SPF everyday to protect your skin from the sun, not to mention keeping it youthful in appearance. Spots age your appearance more than wrinkles, and the sun gives both wrinkles and spots! Protect your skin!!

There are of course more ingredients that you can implement for more results, but these are the essential 3 to focus on as a starter pack NOW.  Enjoy and let me know what products you love!

xo, Kim




Life Lessons I've Learned From Modeling

Shape Magazine Image from my days with Wilhelmina

Shape Magazine Image from my days with Wilhelmina

Hi all and welcome back to Transparency Tuesday! Today I am sharing some of the key life lessons I have learned from modeling.

I LOVE this series and love learning from your comments, emails and messages so please ask and comment away! I LOVE IT. 

As many of you know, I am a model and have been in the industry for the last 7 years. I started modeling when I was 23 and am grateful that I was a bit older, unlike many girls that are 16-18 when they start. Being older helped me avoid some sticky situations where my 16 year old self might have easily been taken advantage of. When I started, I truly loved this new fast-paced industry and still enjoy certain aspects of it, but have learned a lot of tough lessons. I tend to be an optimistic person, giving people the benefit of the doubt and trusting them at their word. I like to believe the best in others, but in a cut throat industry like modeling where egos and money get in the way, there is very little value placed on loyalty, honesty, or even integrity. These are extremely important qualities of course to many clients, but in the agent-model relationship, I have found these qualities get overlooked often.

The fashion industry can be an awesome place when you are the new "it" girl at an agency or with a client, It's fun being loved and complimented, but eventually those girls lose their lustre. They often get shelfed where they don't go out on castings as much, aren't offered direct bookings anymore, and are kinda just old news, Even though these are not the experiences in corporate settings, this industry has shown me a lot and taught me a lot of vital life lessons that totally relate to everyday life. Below are some things I have learned:

8 Life Lessons I have Learned Through Modeling

1. You Need to Believe In Yourself First Before Anyone Else Will- Enthusiasm is infectious, especially when that translates to self confidence. If you don't believe in yourself or think you are awesome, capable, smart, resourceful, and worthy of opportunity, who else will? Taking risks and being fearless is hard but you can do it, I promise.

2. You Won't Be Everyone's Cup Of Tea-

Nope! And that's okay! With modeling, this is primarily referring to being what casting directors/clients/ and agents want you to be physically, but Im referring to even your personality. We aren't all meant to be besties and I know it sucks when people straight up don't care for you, but it would be strange if everyone LOVED you... because wouldn't that show that maybe you were bending to fit everyones preference of you? When you are yourself (while still being kind of course, there is never a good excuse to be nasty) and some just dont take to you, then good! They arent "your people". Moving on.

3. Losing Weight or Making Drastic Changes For Vanity Wont Increase Overall Happiness-

I used to think that if I could justttt lose that 10 lbs my agents told me to lose, I would work more, make them happy, and finally reach my potential. Such crap. I looked great and still do. Maybe not their idea of great, but mine. Yes, a few pounds can be the difference in life changing confidence or can be necessary for your health, but I'm not talking about that ( I mean just for vanities sake). Looking good feels good, but wont create long term happiness unless you have your heart, mind, and spirit in order.

4.  Have Mulitple Streams of Revenue-

Not trying to over share here but I made a ton of money the first month I got into modeling. I thought, dang, I can work a couple days a month and make a fraction of this and still be financially free! Wow. Well, I quickly learned that having one stream of income wasn't gonna cut it because I didn't get paid for months on end! Who knew? Not me. I had all this money coming, but none to show for it and it was stressful. One time, I didn't get paid for 13 months!  I started coaching, giving private water polo lessons, got my Pilates certification to teach, and was auditioning for commercials and shooting them here and there.  I had to because I didn't want to stress constantly as I waited for my checks. This mindset is how Chay and I operate even now. That's why we have investment properties. We want multiple streams of income incase a few dry up for a bit.

5. Rejection Builds Character and Is Not Personal (most of the time)-

Rejection feels awful, but a lot of the time isn't personal. For me, not getting hired for a beauty campaign has nothing to do with my actual beauty or measurements.  A lot of the time, it's about my hair color, shade of skin next to the other model they hired, height compared to the male lead, etc. It's logistics. And sometimes it works in my favor. I now know it's not personal and now have an easier time living my life and facing "rejection" because I don't want something that isn't meant for me. God has something for me that is better than what I have for myself, so I'm good with that.

6. Beauty is Meaningless Without Integrity and Kindness-

I have met some of the most beautiful women, who once they talk and reveal their personality seem so unnattractive. I get annoyed just thinking of them because they just aren't nice people. I have also met girls at castings that were more down to Earth in their beauty, more classic looking, but seem like a bombshell Victoria Secret model to me after a few minutes because their hearts are gold!  It might sound cheesy, but a beautiful heart makes a beautiful person. 

7. You're Not a Bitch if You Stand Up For Yourself-

I used to be so shy to stick up for myself and what I wanted or felt. I felt like I was challenging someone by asking questions. I have been in a few precarious situations in modeling where the photographer or client made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Watching me change, filming the shoot on a personal iphone, or asking me to strip down for an "impromptu look" thats more edgy are just a few small things over the years I have had to address direclty or indirectly. IT'S OKAY TO SAY YOU'RE UNCOMFORTABLE. In life or on the job. Speak up. I practiced in small situations so that when really uncomfortable things arose, I wasn't embarrassed to defend my rights.

8. Loyalty is often a one-way street so be certain who you give yours to-

I hope this doesn't sound negative but it's so true in modeling, relationships, and life. It may seem like someone has your back when things are fun and going great. But when push comes to shove and it comes time to stand up for you, many people won't risk it. Really know the ones who would and nurture those relationships because loyalty and honesty in relationships is priceless. 

I love modeling and being in an industry that is creative, fun, and ever changing. But there are many downsides that have taught me so much over the last 7 years. One thing I know for certain is that we all deal with so many of the same things, regardless of the industry we're in. Whatever the issue or challenge, know that you are innately valuable, worthwhile, and capable. If you relate in anyway, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you ladies!

xo, Kim

The Best Foundation with SPF 50- I Use Everyday


Today were talking THE BEST foundation with SPF.


Okay so let me jump right into it since this is as straightforward as it gets. I knew about the company Avene for the last few years as I had seen in it French Pharmacies as well as The Beauty Collection Stores when I would shop locally. People always had great things to say about the line, but if I'm being honest, I think I was drawn to more aggressive skin care brands like Dr. Dennis Gross, because I felt like I needed lots of PEELING! ACID! REJUVENATION! 

Do you know what I mean? Of course, I will always love DDG, but there is room for other brands. However,  I'm picky and when I hear the word "gentle" I assumed that meant it wasn't effective. I had tried out one product from Avene years ago (Thermal water) and loved the way it felt, but wasn't in the position at the time to be able to refill items continuously (even though it is very affordable!). I didnt have the luxury at the time to pay as much attention to my skin plus I was younger so it wasn't asss pressing.

Welp, recently I was at an event for The Beauty Collection Stores 20th Anniversary and since I am an ambassador for the company, I got a one on one with an employee from Avene who gave me a mini facial. It was amazing, the products felt so refreshing and hydrating on my skin. I also had this huge gaping hole in my forehead due to me accidentally cutting myself, and it got infected and looked like a huge zit. The facialist cleansed my face, hydrated it, and after I was all good she realized I wouldn't wanna walk around with no makeup at the event due to my now huge blemish since she took off my makeup to do the facial. I asked her if she suggested a good foundation that wouldn't totally defeat the whole purpose of the facial and she informed me that Avene had one with SPF 50 that was super popular (how had I never heard of it?!).

Seriously you guys, I am so picky about the foundation and cover up I use and this is hands down my new favorite for a few reasons. 

-Spf 50. I like to know I'm covered when I step outside and not feel greasy, white and streaky, or chalky from other sunscreens I have tried.

-Smooth application. It goes on so evenly and looks gorgeous on. I kept getting compliments on how dewy and pretty my skin looked. Trust me you guys, this day without makeup on, it did not look pretty. The zit was so inflamed and red, but this compact completely covered it up.

-Melts into your face. The foundation somehow warms to your face and adjusts flawlessly. Its kind of a cream to powder except it doesn't get super powdery or dry looking. Just dewy and smooth.

-Coverage. The amount of coverage is amazing to me because it covers scars and zits like no other foundation I have tried. 

I love Glossier, Bobbi Brown, RMS, and Georgio Armani foundation as well, but these don't have all of what the Avene has. The Spf really tips it over the edge for me. It's so so good you guys. I linked it below with some of my other faves if you're interested!

I highly recommend it and would love to know what youre fave concealer/foundation is too! Comment below with thoughts or faves, I am always looking for great products!

xo, Kim 



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The Best Natural Beauty products- 5 Brands I Love


The Best Natural Beauty Products

I love a good natural beauty line. The idea of using a natural beauty product that is made up of minerals and natural and nourishing oils is so much more appealing to me than chemicals and products I can't pronounce. Although I haven't completely switched over to only natural, ( I'm not quite there yet) I still try to incorporate as many of the natural products as I can to slowly replace those that aren't. It's hard because certain makeup lines that aren't natural, do have some very effective products even though I know the ingredients aren't nearly as good for my skin. I like incoporating these quality products and lines into my regiment and hopefully over time I will have enough faves to stop using unnatural and non organic products completely. Who knows! 

Check out what I am loving and buy again and again! 

My FAVE 5 Natural beauty brands Currently 

RMS: I know many of you know and love RMS. It is a makeup artist favorite and an amazing line, even when comparing natural lines or not. The pigmented lip to cheek pots are gorgeous and go on flawlessly and are coconut oil based, which is obviously very moisturizing and better for your skin than synthetic ingredients.

Products I love from RMS: I am in love with the Lip to Cheek pot in "Promise". It is gorgeous on lips or as a cream blush or both! I am also really into their "magic luminizer" and "un-coverup" concealer. I love using the highlighter on my cheekbones, nose, and temples. A dab will do ya!

Glossier:  Glossier is on fire right now and for good reason. Their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist tested, non-comedogenic, paraben free, fragrance free, and cruelty-free along with having amazing branding and being easy to use. 

Products I love from Glossier: I love their Stretch Concealer  , Boy Brow for easy and full brows, and their Generation G lipstick. They all go on flawlessly and give a dewy skin look that totally embodies the "makeup no makeup" look.

Eminence: I normally lean towards skincare lines that have natural components mixed with a little science so that I know I will see results rather than just nourish my skin with good quality ingredients. I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that merely feels good. The reason I love this brand is because it truly moisturizes deep into the skin. I notice a difference in my skins texture the next day after using it. It smells amazing and has such a great consistency. I also love knowing it won't irritate my skin because it's made of organic and natural ingredients.

Products I love from Eminence: I love the consistency, fragrance, and feel of their moisturizers. I especially love the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer, Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer, and just started using a very popular product in their line called Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum. It feels great and is known to exfoliate, hydrate, repair and brighten skin to leave it looking soft and rejuvenated. If you haven't tried this line, I encourage you to! It's not too expensive and truly is a quality product.

Laura Geller: I was just introduced to Laura Geller through my ambassadorship with the beauty retailer "The Beauty Collection" with stores throughout LA. I get sent products to try and review if I like them, and I have been loving her gilded highlighter and use it all the time! I just feel good knowing I am using a natural product that won't clog my pores and make me breakout. I'm not familiar with other products in the line but would love to try some more of them out!

Products I love from Laura Geller: I love the Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey and cannot wait to try more products!!

Bare Minerals: I LOVE Bare Minerals and have always been a fan. I have been using their products for years now and love how good my skin looks and feels when I use it. 

Products I love from Bare Minerals: I am obsessed with their Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream . It goes on flawlessly and people always give compliments when I wear it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 


Have you guys tried any of there products and do you love? I hope this helps introduce you to some solid products from great quality natural lines that are effective, good to the planet, and good for your skin. Love you guys and see you back here in a couple days!!

xo, Kim

My Go-To Nail Colors: The Best of the Best

My Go-To Nail Colors

Okay so this is a really deep post you guys so pay attention. Im sharing my GO-TO nail colors that are my favorites, the best of the best!

If you are like me, you're extremely picky about your nail colors. I don't pay for a gel manicure every 4-6 weeks (even though they recommend every 2, I cannot pay for new color thaaaat much. Priorities people.) to get a boring or unflattering color that I will be stuck with for another month. 

I have tried lots of colors over the years and always come back to my favorites in different categories. If I want a fun color, I have a fave for that. If I want a pretty neutral but never a boring one, I have my faves. And when I am in the mood for some darker moodier colors, I have my top faves in those categories.

I have posted a bunch on Insta stories and I get DM's asking "what was that color again?". You guys, I have gotten so many people asking in person or on insta what the name of my nail color was or just over the years with tons of compliments on certain ones. I compiled a list of the most popular ones below. These will be your future go-tos, promise!

See below for my favorites!

My Top 6 Go-To Nail Colors


As you can see I am a huge fan of OPI nail colors. I love to look at other companies too but the colors from OPI just stand out a bit more to me. There are so many varying shades out there, but these specific colors are so great on! Just try your fave picks from above the next time you get your nails done (but get them done in the gel version!), you'll thank me:).

Which color is your favorite? I am pretty obessed with "Funny Bunny" and "I am What I Amethyst" currently!

Welp, My orange wine and sweet potato fries are waiting for me so I gotta go, but I'll see you in a couple days!

xo, Kim

GLYCOLIC MASKS- 3 Things to avoid


Ahhhh glycolic acid. One of my favorite things to treat my skin with. If you guys have been following along, you'll know I have discussed glycolic pads (here) and how effective they are for all skin types. 

I love glycolic acid in products BC-

1. It retexturizes the skin

2. Rejuvenates the skin through cell turn over, forcing it to shed dead cells and produce new ones

3. Helps rid the skin of hyperpigmentation spots from acne or sun. 

Wellll, I loved this stuff so much, I went a little wild on it and learned a few lessons. Hopefully, my mistakes will help you to avoid some painful and embarrassing looking mistakes.

So here is what not to do:

1. Don't apply glycolic masks for any longer than the specified time! That may seem obvious but it's not. You may think you need a little extra treatment, as did I ONCE.  Soooo you leave it on for 45 minutes to realllllly treat your skin rather than the 10 minutes it suggests... Don't do that. Read the instructions and stick to them.

2. DO. NOT EXFOLIATE with any harsh brush or device prior to use! Im referring to something like a PMD (personal microdermabrasion handheld device) or even a Clarisonic if you have sensitive skin at all. I made this mistake (which now seems silly and obvious) and exfoliated prior to using the mask. When I put the mask on, my skin started to sting and it burnedddd and I thought, HA! It's working! No, it was burning my skin! When I took off the mask, my skin was a little pink and felt a bit like it had wind burn. The next morning I woke up with this dark brown/purplish scab down my face in a line, where I had dragged my exfoliator. It took two weeks to heal and left a scar for a while (adding to my collection of hyperpigmentation and hormonal acne spots that take forever to fade on my face!)

3.Rinse off fully with lukewarm water and rehydrate the skin with a very moisturizing serum or cream. I suggest doing this at night so you don't have to bother with the sun and SPF blah blah because that's one added step.( I don't like unnecessary steps.) I love to use a super moisturizing cream like Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer or their Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer. Both of these creams are super moisturizing, organic, and calming to my skin with natural age defying products in them. Seriously in love with them.

If you use glycolic masks, which I SERIOUSLY advise from all of the research I've done, just make sure you follow instructions and don't try to combine too many products before or after. I am a skincare junkie these days and sometimes get a little too excited and ambitious when it comes to application. More is not always better when it comes to your skin.

I hope you guys can learn from my mistakes and get the benefits of Glycolic without the aftermath I faced from using too many amazing but non cohesive products and devices together. 

See you guys soon. xo,