27 Instaworthy Swimsuits for Summer

27 -instaworthy-swimsuits-for-summer.jpg

Impractical swimwear that will stand out all over the 'gram

Today I am rounding up 27 Instaworthy swimsuits for summer!

Yes, it's true, and I'm not even ashamed to admit it (well, sort of). A majority of my fashion inspiration now comes from Instagram and my motivation to look super cute derives from my knowing it's gonna look soooo cute on the gram. NOW LET ME PREFACE. I understand this sounds ridiculous and pathetic BUT, I am a fashion blogger and model. My career is based on visuals, and as a creative person, I love creating outfits, inspo, content, and visuals that appeal to me and hopefully my audience. SO, with that being said, I love a good statement piece despite how impractical it may be! And by no means do I buy things just for Instagram photos but I do consider how it will photograph and if it can be editorial.

This summer, I am noticing a lot of diversity in swimwear and am loving the unconventional cuts, shapes, and look of many suits out there! Sure it's not the most convenient for swimming to have a suit made of a thick crocheted material or a suit that slightly resembles a dress that would probably drown a mediocre swimmer, but it's fashion people! And I am all about it. Fun poolside looks give me life (but no heels, I can't with the heels poolside) and these suits are just begging to be photographed. Honestly, if swimsuits weren't so insanely pricey, I'd find a way to sport all of these suits poolside and seaside.

Check out my 27 picks below that would be perfect for a snap along the French Riviera or on a yacht somewhere...anywhere will do! (Anyone got a yacht I could borrow?)

27 Insta Worthy Swimsuits