Why I Started My Blog In The Midst Of Over Saturation


Why I started my blog in the midst of oversaturation... oh so many answers!

I have gotten this question in different ways over the last year that I have been blogging. Not verbatim, but in so many words:

Isn't blogging oversaturated? Why start now? Isn't it nearly impossible to grow? Well, yes it is oversaturated. But there is no one blogger that is the same and if you have a point of view and something to say, eventually you will find some people that connect to your content, style, vibe, and personality. And yes, It's so hard to grow nowadays but that's just the way it is! I cant worry too much about things that are outta my control, so I focus on creating content that I like and is true to me.

 I SOOO get why people ask because it seems like I am setting myself up for an uphill battle, which I kind of am. I even ask myself this question when I start to get discouraged and start lacking creativity. I have to go back to what made me want to share my style, thoughts, and passions with others in the first place... and that's connection. I created my blog to have a creative outlet for myself that was fueled by the things I love that excite me and make me want to share those things with others. I created my blog for connection.

I am a social being and love to be around people (which is ironic because the blog takes so much time that I am alone creating content a lot!), so having a platform to speak to people on things I LOVE helps me to feel more connected. I LOVE to put that content out there, knowing that people see it and respond. In this digital age where we keep up with each other more through Instagram than in person, I wanted to have a way to connect, inspire, encourage, and relate to women all over the world (maybe one day that will happen!). The blog is a vehicle that allows me to relate to others and hopefully have a positive impact on others, especially on topics that are more serious and require vulnerability like the ones in this series. Dealing with eating issues, body image issues, my modeling experiences, being a woman in this day and age, etc. drives me forward to be open and honest about feelings I have dealt with, to hopefully make any of you feel less alone in your everyday life. I truly want to be friends with you all and hope this blog gives us the opportunity to connect, comment, and relate to each other.

On the lighter side of things, I am passionate about fashion and style in general, whether it be making myself look trendy and on point or creating beautiful interior spaces that have character and a fun spirit about them. I really love to make things look beautiful (skin, outfits, interiors!) and it truly is a passion of mine to share my ideas, inspo, and resources to give others the confidence to do the same with their beauty routine, interiors and outfits! 

I know a lot of bloggers discuss their fave serums or brands, but a lot of the time I'm only inspired by the photo and outfit, but not the person or blogger. I wanted to be able to show that you can be into these fun and creative hobbies without being vain or boring or lacking personality (not saying that other bloggers lack personality, I just want more of their personality to show). I feel fashion and looking great and feeling great is for EVERYONE and want my blog and Instagram to be a safe, fun, and relatable place for all.

These are all the reasons I started my blog and hope that this notion is clear to you all when you visit. I truly want to support your efforts too in the dreams you are pursuing so if you have questions or comments and want to share your goals, leave a comment below! Also, if you ever want to see a specific type of content or have me answer questions, drop that in the comments section below! 

xo, Kim