Supergoop Body Oil Sunscreen- Your Next Beauty Purchase That You Didn't Know You Needed


Hi all!

Today I wanna share with you my new fave way to protect my skin: Supergood Body Oil Sunscreen. This is definitely a product that kills two birds with one stone, making it a beauty purchase you didn't know you needed!

With Spring in full force and Summer right around the corner, I am wayyyy more cautious when it comes to being in the sun. Our skin is much less forgiving as we age and even though I know I am not old by any means, I still want to be as cautious for the future health and appearance of the skin on my face AND BODY.

I definitely do a better job of keeping my face protected with a high SPF than I do with my body. I know that skin is skin, but because your face is given so much more attention (because it's your face!), it can be easy to neglect the other parts of your body from the suns harmful rays. I am also not a person that puts on lotion daily, so my body tends to feel and look dry. Couple that with sun damage and you got some dry aging skin with little elasticity.

That's where Supergoops Body Oil with SPF 50(!!!) comes in. I just discovered this stuff and am loving it sooo much because it solves both the issues I have been having as I prepare for summer trips and getting in my swim suit! I want smooth supple skin that looks nourished and feels soft, while at the same time knowing it is protected from the sun.

The thing is, a regular sunscreen can't do what this stuff does because sunscreen isn't meant to be a moisturizer, but this oil is!  I also hate how sticky and thick suncreen feels on, which is why this body oil is sooo perfect for me (and every other person on the planet that wants smooth skin protected from the sun). I use it daily and LOVE it you guys. It's a total must for me and my daily regiment.

I have gone through my first bottle and have already refilled it. You know I am serious about my sun care so trust me when I say this stuff is not only effective but looks beautiful and dewy on. 


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If you guys have products for anti-aging and sun care, let me know! I am always looking out for great sunscreen and anti-aging products. I have a busy day today so I am off to West Hollywood for some errands, meetings, and then to a birthday party for my brother and sister! Hope you guys have a fun day planned! See you back here tomorrow!

xo, Kim