The Best Foundation with SPF 50- I Use Everyday


Today were talking THE BEST foundation with SPF.


Okay so let me jump right into it since this is as straightforward as it gets. I knew about the company Avene for the last few years as I had seen in it French Pharmacies as well as The Beauty Collection Stores when I would shop locally. People always had great things to say about the line, but if I'm being honest, I think I was drawn to more aggressive skin care brands like Dr. Dennis Gross, because I felt like I needed lots of PEELING! ACID! REJUVENATION! 

Do you know what I mean? Of course, I will always love DDG, but there is room for other brands. However,  I'm picky and when I hear the word "gentle" I assumed that meant it wasn't effective. I had tried out one product from Avene years ago (Thermal water) and loved the way it felt, but wasn't in the position at the time to be able to refill items continuously (even though it is very affordable!). I didnt have the luxury at the time to pay as much attention to my skin plus I was younger so it wasn't asss pressing.

Welp, recently I was at an event for The Beauty Collection Stores 20th Anniversary and since I am an ambassador for the company, I got a one on one with an employee from Avene who gave me a mini facial. It was amazing, the products felt so refreshing and hydrating on my skin. I also had this huge gaping hole in my forehead due to me accidentally cutting myself, and it got infected and looked like a huge zit. The facialist cleansed my face, hydrated it, and after I was all good she realized I wouldn't wanna walk around with no makeup at the event due to my now huge blemish since she took off my makeup to do the facial. I asked her if she suggested a good foundation that wouldn't totally defeat the whole purpose of the facial and she informed me that Avene had one with SPF 50 that was super popular (how had I never heard of it?!).

Seriously you guys, I am so picky about the foundation and cover up I use and this is hands down my new favorite for a few reasons. 

-Spf 50. I like to know I'm covered when I step outside and not feel greasy, white and streaky, or chalky from other sunscreens I have tried.

-Smooth application. It goes on so evenly and looks gorgeous on. I kept getting compliments on how dewy and pretty my skin looked. Trust me you guys, this day without makeup on, it did not look pretty. The zit was so inflamed and red, but this compact completely covered it up.

-Melts into your face. The foundation somehow warms to your face and adjusts flawlessly. Its kind of a cream to powder except it doesn't get super powdery or dry looking. Just dewy and smooth.

-Coverage. The amount of coverage is amazing to me because it covers scars and zits like no other foundation I have tried. 

I love Glossier, Bobbi Brown, RMS, and Georgio Armani foundation as well, but these don't have all of what the Avene has. The Spf really tips it over the edge for me. It's so so good you guys. I linked it below with some of my other faves if you're interested!

I highly recommend it and would love to know what youre fave concealer/foundation is too! Comment below with thoughts or faves, I am always looking for great products!

xo, Kim 



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