9 Brass Hardware Options under $35

Hi all! Today I am sharing 9 Brass Hardware options under 35 dollars!

When it comes to revamping a space, there are a few things that I always focus on to really elevate the look and feel of a room. When you're  on a budget, these items can make a huge difference in the overall look of what could otherwise be a simple or even drab space. I am going to do a post on my " room revamp checklist", but for today, I really wanted to focus on one aspect I always focus on to amp up a space,  hardware. (Meaning the knobs or pulls for kitchen cabinets, for example) Great hardware can really make or break a space in my opinion. They are such a small physical detail, yet can make such a huge statement. 

For the last few weeks, I have been helping consult on a huge project for my girlfriend Lauren, who is completely gutting her midcentury modern home. She has a vision of how she wants the home to feel overall, but I am helping narrow down the options and get specific on what they are doing throughout the house. Since the entire home is going to be remodeled, you can imagine that would be costly, so I am making sure to only send her options that are affordable while still being chic, and accomplishing the look we are going for. I have eclectic taste in general but love a modernized version of vintage style. Lauren loves classic and more simple vibes but is totally willing to do some fun details like BRASS HARDWARE in the kitchen and powder room! I was so excited to hear her say that but knew the hardware I have been coveting is outrageously priced since its Waterworks, (the place where all of my dreams live) an amazing place for inspiration but super costly. 

I wanted to find hardware that maintained a similar chic and modernized aesthetic but like 99% less expensive! I found some great options that I would use in a heartbeat in my own home, but more than that, fit the simple and clean look Lauren is going for. Check out the options I found below:

Affordable Brass Hardware Options Under $35

(and most under $10!)



I love how all of these are simple but also pretty and really clean looking. They aren't going to take over a space at all, but will definitely elevate it. We are going to use brass hardware in the kitchen and powder room for a pop and then use stainless steel in the other bathrooms for a less trendy look throughout the house. 

I will keep you updated on design ideas and plans as they come as well as before and afters when the majority of the remodel is complete. Do you guys like brass hardware? If so, which one is your fave? I LOVE it and think it's timeless if you choose a substantial option that feels quality. Comment below on your thoughts!

xo, Kim