Street Style in Dublin Town

Check out my casual street style look from my time in Dublin, Ireland

Hi all and happy Friday!

I have been editing like crazy since my trip to Europe and am trying to roll out posts on my trip in a timely fashion, so trust me, there will be more to come! If you haven't gotten a chance to read up on my trip suggestions while in the French Riviera, check it out here and here. Or if you want to see one of my favorite looks while in Eze, check that out here.

Now, back to Ireland. My sister and I first went to Ashford castle and had an amazing time, and the details on that portion will be coming next week. We then made our way to Dublin for two days and I had never been. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it was definitely different from what I envisioned. It was smaller than I thought it would be, but of course very quaint and colorful with pubs and cobblestone streets all around. 

It was really fun to explore, but I was surprised at how quickly we had seen most of the areas we had wanted to visit. It really only took us about 4 hours of walking around to feel like we got a good idea of the cute and trendy areas one would want to spend time in as a visitor. Of course, there is always more to see and we didn't hit every sight by any means but we got a good visual idea. Dublin is big, but the downtown area is somewhat small.  From what we were told and observed, this is where people go to spend time, and the surrounding areas are mostly residential or office spaces. We stayed at The Dean, which I highly suggest as it's very hip, modern, ornate, and in a great central area to walk into the main part of town. They also have an awesome booklet of recommendations on where to go. Everything from great bars, restaurants, shops, and attractions in Dublin to guide you. Their rooftop bar and restaurant is also amazing and a fun hang out for hip crowds. I'll definitely stay there again!

I love the pops of red throughout the city. The shiny lacquer painted red pubs and restaurants with brass and black writing make ordinary streets feel special.  

If I were to go back (which i certainly plan on one day), I would choose to spend most of my time on the West coast of Ireland and have one day in Dublin to do the city thing. It's fun and so cute, but the breathtaking beauty of Ireland that really impressed me was on the West coast that I got to see from our time at Ashford castle. It is the quintessential part of Ireland with the rolling green hills, gorgeous coastline, villages, and lush greenery everywhere. I am so happy I got to see Dublin and experience it for a couple days but was wishing I had extended my trip at Ashford Castle since I felt like one full day in Dublin was enough to get my fix. 

Ireland is definitely a magical place that was so welcoming and charming. The people are gracious, the landscape is beautiful, and it truly feels like home in a strange way. The intimidation factor that often accompanies people while traveling seems to dissipate in Ireland and that is one of the reasons I love it so much. 

I feel most comfortable in boots, denim, and a tee and love that I could be casual and comfortable in Dublin and still feel stylish. I bought these culottes from Madewell and wear them to death. I paired them with this mens tee Adidas tee, similar here,my favorite leather jacket by All Saints, similar here, and my all time favorite Chloe boots.  Street style is one of my favorite go to vibes when getting dressed because you can express your personal style but still be casual and not fuss too much. I love love love fashion but don't care enough to stress myself out over getting dressed or impressing other people. I don't have time for that. When I travel, this type of look is my uniform and I simply switch out tops and the style of boot, but love this blueprint for everyday wear.

What do you guys wear on vacation and what's your go to look? I'd love to know in the comments below! 



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