Roxanne Assoulin on Holiday X Cluny, France

Check out how I wore my Roxanne Assoulin jewelry on my trip to France, with insights, recommendations, and mini travel guide coming soon!

Hello everyone! I just got back from my trip and had the best time in Cluny France, the South of France, Ireland and Paris! It was the trip of a lifetime and I felt so lucky to be able to see such beautiful places with my sister and get to experience so many wonderful moments together. My sister had a work trip in France and I have been wanting to take as many opportunities to travel as possible since my hubby has seen so much and has little time now to get away with work. So, I decided to be adventurous and meet her! I'm so glad I did. I have seen places that I will visit again and again, and also understood more of places that I feel are overrated and not all they are cracked up to be. I'll share that soon!

In this post, I wanted to share about this jewelry brand I am absolutely obsessed with, Roxanne Assoulin. It is my spirit accessory animal. It's pure fun and I love a brand that can be chic and stylish and not take themselves so seriously while at the same time being great quality. The chokers I am wearing are all hand enameled and heavy duty. I love to stack them and create a really unique and funky look. These chokers make any outfit! I wore them throughout my trip and got so many compliments. 

Here I am in Pouilly Fuisse, after wine tasting!

After wine tasting, we headed back to Cluny, a little village that is so quintessential French with cute little apartments and buildings, all in different pastel colors. I am so in love with Europe because of the history and gorgeous character everywhere you look. The dreamy backdrop made for a perfect place to shoot for the blog and showcase this unique and awesome brand. LOVE.


The village here is so old and picturesque, I loved walking around before dinner and checking out the small streets and courtyards. It's definitely a slow paced town with little excitement, but that's the glory of it all. The simple life is appealing and was definitely a nice respite from the long travel day and busyness of Los Angeles where everyone is trying to "make it". There is so much pressure to be something, and be busy, all the time. It was refreshing to come here and see people sit for hours, not check their phones, and be immersed in good conversation with friends. I am guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and desire to be more "successful", so found this to be a magical place to start my trip.

I loved wearing my Roxanne Assoulin pieces throughout my trip, they made every outfit feel special and unique. Check out the pieces below and click on them if you want to purchase, I definitely want to add to my new collection. Im obsessed with it all! 

More posts coming over the next couple weeks about my looks throughout the trip as well as a sort of travel diary and guide. Missed you guys! 

XO, Kim

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