How to Wear Culottes

I just started creating more video content because although photos can give a glimpse into ones personality, video can capture much more of it! I wanted my readers to see that although I love clothes and fashion, I am totally a dork and hate when people take themselves too seriously. Fashion should be fun and not intimidating, and I hope in the way I carry myself that people can tell that! Check out this BTS (behind the scenes) video of the way we shot this look as well as all the other random moments! :)

Culottes can be difficult to pull off if you're new to the style and haven't quite figured out what to where them with. They are wide and can look frumpy if you don't balance them out. Here, I wore a culotte jumpsuit which make its a bit easier since its all in one! Nothing but shoes and layering pieces to figure out. I love culottes so much because they are casual, boyish in some ways but also very feminine if you find a tailored fit, and they tend to have great movement, Also, culottes are like dresses in the way that a single piece makes up an entire outfit which makes it easy for the less confident dresser, or the girl that isn't wanting to spend the mental energy coming up with a cohesive look! Culottes are a staple in my closet and look great dressed up or down! You'll continue to see me wearing them and styling them in different ways for years to come.

Here are my favorite ways to wear culottes:

1. If you're wearing culotte bottoms, tuck your top in, or wear a crop that hits at or above the top of the pant. If you go for a longer tunic top, you gotta know what you're doing otherwise things can get frumpy reeeeal fast.

2. Wear with a flat shoe for a casual look, perhaps ballet flats or lace up sandals! For a more dressy version, wear a strappy heel.

3. When wearing a jacket, wear one that is tailored or slightly cropped to keep that balance. Otherwise, a long airy robe or trench looks chic and cohesive!

Check out the way I styled them below!




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