My Number One Shopping tip: Tailoring

Tailoring is the number one thing I swear by when people ask me for tips I've learned from modeling. The thing most people don't realize is that the reason models look so perfectly fitted in clothes they model, is because the garments are often times clipped in the back. Essentially, they look tailored because they temporarily are! 

I take this little secret to heart when I go shopping because I know that If I find something thats a little ill fitting or big, its no biggie! I can generally have it tailored down to my size so that it looks custom fit to my body. So, when I saw these size 10 embroidered Chloe shorts at a local consignment store, I knew just what to do! For a small price, I could have these fit exactly to my measurements in no time! They cost $60, a fraction of their retail cost, and $30 to tailor. I was happy with that as Chloe is one of my ultimate favorite labels. Yee haaaa! I took them out for a spin in Manhattan Beach the second that crazy rain stopped. Pardon the winter legs!

Chloe embroidered shorts/ similar shorts

Madewell Sandals/ similar sandals

The Fifth Label jean jacket/ similar jacket

Chloe Bag

Honestly, when I discovered that almost anything could be tailored, it allowed me to be so much more creative and less confined in the way I got about shopping. I'm more thrifty now because I don't have to pass up pieces, because I can make things more customized to my measurements. Do you guys tailor your wardrobe, and if so what are your favorite items to tailor? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Kim

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