Fishnet socks & Vintage scarf

I am a huge fan of trying new things when it comes to style, especially when all it requires are a few bucks and some creativity. I have been loving the fishnet trend under jeans or as low socks, as I wore them here. It just adds a bit of dimension and character to what might otherwise be a boring look. When I want to be comfortable and am lacking the motivation to go all out stylish, I usually take a look at my accessories that give me the best bang for my buck. Thats where fishnet socks come in. Spicy. Stylish. Fun. Love them. I was a little cold and wanted a bit more style on top, so added this vintage scarf around my neck from my grandma and was out the door. I love minimal steps to achieve an effortless and slightly edgy look. 


 ASOS Fishnet socks // More options HERE

Vintage scarves// For best prices, try thrift stores near you or eBay

How do you guys feel about fishnet socks? Are you like me and love the quick and easy way to make an outfit stylish, or are they a little much for your personal style? Id love to know in the comments below! 

xo, Kim

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