The #1 Skincare Product You Must Use NOW


I have been modeling for the last 7.5 years, and at every job I always ask the makeup artist what his or her absolute favorite products are. I figure that these people, who get new and innovative products sent to them daily to try out, must have the most insight and experience on what WORKS. There are always makeup lines and products that tend to be mentioned over and over ("makeup artists favorite go to products" coming soon). As much as makeup artists tend to have their own favorites depending on what the desired result is, there is one product that is on the top of everyones skin care regiment. Drum Roll please....or just look a the photo... CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals!!!! I cannot rave about this product enough. Here are my favorite benefits of CE Ferulic:

1. Brightness: The first thing I noticed was the instant glow my skin had after I dabbed it on. My complexion immediately changed and was brighter and visibly tighter. I kid you not! The reason I initially splurged on this serum is because my skin was looking dull and lifeless. Seriously, problem solved. There hasn't been one day I've gone without it in 9 months... I can't... I'm addicted.

2. Firmness: In addition to the immediate glow, my skin tangibly felt more firm and plump. I honestly don't know how it works so well! It just feels filled out and healthy! I love the immediate results.

3. Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles: Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I went from a 90 year old complexion to a wrinkle free face, but I did notice a decrease in the developing fine lines that I already had. Of course one cause for lines is dryness and lack of hydration in the skin, so the potent vitamin C significantly helps. 

4. Even skin tone and texture: This is a game changer! With my background in water polo, I naturally had sun damage and hyper pigmentation. CE Ferulic helped significantly with my overall texture and evened out my skin tone. 

I hate to waste money on expensive products that don't work. I will never suggest something that I haven't used myself and fallen in love with first hand. Beauty products are just too expensive to take that type of risk on, because it is a huge investment. I hope it helps to know that this is the number one product that has been suggested over and over to me by skin care professionals and makeup artists alike. It truly is that good and works!

Have you tried CE Ferulic? Let me know if so, and what your absolute favorite skin care product is in the comments below! 

xo, Kim