New obsession- GLYCOLIC PADS + Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Alright. So if you follow me on Insta, you'll have noticed that I LOVE glycolic pads and have posted about them in the past. This is because:

1. I truly use them regularly

2. They work to resurface the skin's texture, fight fine lines and wrinkles through cell turn over, and they slough off dead skin to expose gorgeous new skin and get rid of dullness.

3. Are affordable and easy to use on the regular. I am VERY MUCH about ease and convenience.

So yeah I am a little obsessed. At first I was little skeptical, because how can at home pads be all that effective? "Don't I need something stronger?" I thought? I mean unless my skin was falling off my face from a chemical peel I just figured something wasn't working. But not. Instead of doing super drastic peels, why not prevent and constantly work to get that old skin off and new skin glowing in all its glory by doing smaller less intense treatments with the same product?

That's where glycolic pads come in.  I have used two types and really love both so much, so really couldn't say one is better. However, I love the gradual tan in the pads I discuss in the video as well as the other Dr. Dennis Gross product I use right now, which I'll discuss more in the video!

Let me know if you love and also use Dr. Dennis Gross products! I'd love to know what you guys are using. xo!