6 Coats I am loving for Winter


As I am writing this post, I am sitting in my house with socks, cozy sweatpants, and an oversized sweater on from Zara all bundled up with my dog, Cookie, laying on me. Heaven.

I can finally post about cold weather pieces without feeling like an idiot because here in LA, it stays hot till mid November! In the last few days its gotten chilly in the beach cities of LA, where I live. I have been loving reasons to wear my fun coats and jackets. If you know me you'll know I have a rolling rack in my closet dedicated to outwear. I love looking at the rack filled with fun faux furs, sparkly blazers, beaded this, and crocheted that. That rolling rack contains my favorite pieces in my whole closet! 

As much as I love a plethora of styles. I am very particular about fit and tailoring, fabric and quality. It doesnt have to be designer or expensive to meet that standard, it just needs to look and fit well. I hate things that have tacky fabrics that look itchy or uncomfortable or are overly trendy items that are clearly fads, I shared coats that I feel look expensive and stylish with a great shape! I also rounded up coats for all budgets, that I have been loving and wanting for upcoming trips (hint. hint..this is my taste if my husband reads my blog. honey can we please go somewhere snowy soon?) Hope you guys love the options I am sharing! 

Coat roundup

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