My new must have product for Hormonal Acne


Okay, so I don't know about you guys, but as I have gotten older, my skin has changed.... like A LOT. I was a little annoyed at first but thought, "eh, it'll go away and everyone gets little imperfections here and there so whatever." Welllll, not whatever.

For the last 6 months in a row, I have had major issues with my skin, on my face and body, from hives, breakouts, to cystic acne(I hate even typing that because it sounds so disgusting, but it's true and I don't like to sugar coat things). I could not go ONE MONTH without some major flare up that not only looked ugly but left a FREAKING SCAR, not to mention could be painful!

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? This was foreign to me at first, so I finally cracked and went to get a facial because I was getting desperate. Well as soon as I laid down, I got right into it with my aesthetician and started asking her a million questions and told her about my skin issues. She was nodding the entire time I was talking and finally said, "oh yeah your skin changes every 7-10 years, " ( Apparently due to skin regeneration and after around 7 years every skin cell in your body has been replaced). I DID NOT KNOW THIS. I felt so lucky to have had clear skin my entire life, and figured that was just my skin type. I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to get breakouts. It's really made me empathetic to people who have struggled with skin issues their entire life. Don't get me wrong, I have dealt with sensitive skin my whole life where one bug bite turns into 20 and my skin breaks out in hives, but acne hasn't been one of the main issues until recently.  It can take a huge toll on your confidence because whether you like it or not, we lead with our looks because that is what people see before we have a chance to speak. 

I asked my aesthetician what she recommended and she said she swears by a couple products:


This is my all time favorite staple FYI. I want everyone to try it! It's that goooooood.

1. Skin Ceuticals CE FERULIC which you guys already know I LOVE and can read more about that HERE

2. iS CLINICAL ACTIVE SERUM which I knew nothing about and really had never heard of. Well she swore by it and said since I had acneic skin (Im sorry what?!) this would significantly help with clogged pores, bacteria, pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles! ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


OKAY. So I was a little (ALOT) offended she said I basically had adult acne because truly it doesnt appear that I do, but it can be small clogged pores no one sees! But they are still there and can get worse, which mine were,

She also said since my skin was so hormonal, proven by my random cheek and chin breakouts every month, this serum would help calm those flare ups while targetting my hyperpigmentaion (from years of water polo in the sun), and fight aging all while softening my skin.

I didnt really think it would work thaaaaat great but I was desparate and, although pricey, decided to give it a try. 

I LOVE IT. Seriously, I LOVE IT. I am not sponsored or paid to say this, I really love this product and will purchase it again and again. I have seen a difference in my skin, especially the breaking out, and can feel it working. Upon application of iS Clinical Active Serum, it feels cold and tingly and smells great and is so soothing and medicating to the skin. I highly recommend it and am loving being able to control my breakouts. Just a dab of this stuff on my problem areas and each breakout healed quick, and without pain or scarring. 

If you are like me and experiencing hormonal breakouts, I would highly suggest trying this! I have been scarring from my zits and that is a no-can-do for me, so I am stoked on this new product.

I hope you loved this tip as much as I did! Comment below if you love it too or have tried another product that works similarly. I would love to get all your secrets! xo,