Oversized Patchwork Knit + Denim Mini


As you know from my previous posts, I'm loving the hint of Fall we are getting here in Los Angeles and I am taking every opportunity to dress for it. I also love the cozy oversized knit look but felt like its hard for me to pull off since I'm already 6 feet tall and wouldn't want to make myself appear larger or wear something that was unflattering to my more athletic shape. However, when I spotted this patchwork knit in different shades of red, I fell in love and knew I had to make it work. (It also comes in gray!) I'm also not typically a fan of red on myself because for whatever reason, I feel kinda cheesy wearing it as a blonde...plus I felt like it mades me stand out more and I'm already so tall. Sooo I avoided it for a while in fear of looking like a big cheesy blonde tomato. Well, those days are over! I snatched it up and wear it all the time and am actually loving red on me!

 I paired it here with a denim mini by GRLFRND denim so that I was balancing the oversized shape with some skin on the bottom amped up by these All Saints heeled boots to make the look more sexy and fun. I am loving this cozy look because I was so comfy but also felt a little sexy and fashionable at the same time. Win Win! 


I really love the shape of these boots!


Do you guys love this look? I'm feeling like I'll be wearing more of these oversized knits with denim minis since LA seems to be slow on the Fall train.  Also, if you love, don't forget to click on the images below to shop!