Arlene Zelina: Singer, Song Writer, My Newest Obsession


Have you ever heard a cover of a song that is more fun than the original? Then you’ve been to Arlene Zelina’s YouTube channel. 

This Australian singer is known for her viral covers featuring her insanely flawless vocals. She’s covered Beyonce, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, Drake, Celine Dion, and more. Her cover of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” has been viewed over fourteen million times. Fourteen. Million. So… you get it. 

With her charming personality that shines through her videos, Zelina’s career really took off when she came to Los Angeles and started capturing the attention of international celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Jason Derulo, and Ellen DeGeneres. She’s performed at some insane events, too. You may have seen her at Google’s Big Tent event, various YouTube Launches, or showcasing her original material at venues across the world. Otherwise, what have you been doing?!

What’s next? Brand new ORIGINAL material — We cannot hide our excitement. Zelina’s team tells us she’s been working with music’s top award winning producers, whose previous collabs include Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Fifth Harmony, The Black Eyed Peas and more. We’re told it’ll be her biggest swing yet — new look, new sound, new feel. The sky is the limit for this artist and these new tracks. 

Check out her videos to get hyped for what's coming: If you need us this summer, you'll find us blasting AZ’s song. On repeat. Sorry in advance.

xx. Kim

Tracksuits I'm Wanting For Fall (To look like a boss at the dog park)

Admittedly not a tracksuit, but I am OBSESSED with track pants, tops, suits, LEISURE WEAR!

Admittedly not a tracksuit, but I am OBSESSED with track pants, tops, suits, LEISURE WEAR!


Hello ladiesss! I don't know about you, but I am pretty freakin' obsessed with tracksuits/ sweatsuits, especially now that Fall is right around the corner (eeeeee!!!!!).

So, there is a little back story on my new found obsession, other than the obvious reasons like the fact that they are so comfy and look sporty and cute when you don't want to put anything together. I've been super into surfing Youtube lately and stumbled upon this video of Kris Jenner giving a closet tour. She basically had an entire wall dedicated to her tracksuit/sweatsuit obsession!! I thought to myself, " Kim, you need to get on your tracksuit game!"  Seriously, they are the perfect quick uniform for my daily dog walks and dog park visits while still looking super cute, trendy, and easy going.  

I have been searching constantly for good mix and match options as well as suits that come as a pair and have found some really cute options! I am particular to sweatsuits with a hoodie to look street style chic, but the tapered ones with the zip fronts are perfect for when you want to look more polished! Check out my favorite options below in each category.



Track Tops

Track Pants

Whats not to love? Throw your hair back into a top knot with some hoops and youre looking FAB! I just love the effortlessness of this look so much! Do you guys? I wannnnna knowwww!

xx, Kim

11 Small Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Happy Friday all!

As many of you know, Chay and I are living in Silver Lake these days and love our home so much! It's modern but cozy and has that West Coast Modern vibe to it that we love with big windows, clean lines, and views of the hills where we live. It's a bit small for some peoples taste, but for us it's perfect! It comes in at 1,350 square feet, but the outdoor space makes it much more usable, with two decks and a terraced yard with lots of lush California landscape.  We LOVE IT!

So, what is this new project we are kicking around? Welp, it's been a hot summer here in LA and we have been dying for a pool....but a typical lap pool is not an option in our yard due to the hillside and deck space. I've been doing my research and think a "spool" aka plunge pool could be the perfect option as we have the space on our bottom deck. I'm obsessed with these options below as inspo for the direction we can go in. What do you guys think? Let me know! I'd love to get your input! 


All Images taken from my Pinterest Boards// Follow me here to see more of my favorite interior inspo !


Let me know which ideas you love best in the comments below! We're super excited to find out contractor and get going on this project. Stay tuned for updates!! 

xo, Kim


5 Tips on How to Organize and Design Your Dream Closet


Happy Friday friends!

Today I want to share the top 5 tips that helped me organize my thoughts when it came to designing my dream closet (with the space we had to work with of could always be bigger!) so that I could organize my clothes in order to have the most efficiency when it comes to getting dressed and ready to go every day!

It's super important (whether you have a tiny NYC apartment or a huge walk-in) to be able to see the things that you have and love in a clear way so that pieces don't get lost in the mix, and therefore invisible and gone forever! You know it's true. If you can't see it, it basically doesn't exist. 

When we moved into our home, there was no real closet in the master bedroom, just some Home Depot metal shelving that was clearly put up for  men's clothes plus it was ugly and not set up for women's clothing i.e. dresses, robes, kimonos, shoes, etc. I contacted California Closets (not sponsored) because I had heard great things, and was able to map out the entire space we were working with and give my designer an exact inventory of all my clothes and accessories that needed space in the new closet. That way, there would be no surprises. Everything was accounted for. I also knew I wanted my shoes to be visible, front and center, and covered from dust, so we decided on gorgeous white wood frames with glass fronts and I chose vintage hardware for the handles. Check out more photos below and learn what my top 5 tips are for organizing your dream closet!

A shoe cabinet keeps the dust away!

A shoe cabinet keeps the dust away!

1. Get rid of anything and everything you're not crazy about- If you don't love it, you won't wear it. I understand sentimental value, but realistically, if you haven't worn it for a year, you probably don't LOVE it. Of course, I don't mean classic pieces that age well or seasonal pieces, but items you look at and think "eh"... get rid of it. It's just taking up valuable real estate and ain't nobody got time for that!

2. Color Coordinate- Color coordinating your clothes allows you to know where pieces are more quickly and allows you to dress for how you feel. During the winter, I don't wear that many bright colors so it's nice that all my black and darker colors are in the same area. I go from white to pink, to red, and down the line of the rainbow from there with my black towards the back since I don't have a ton of black. 

3. Hang according to sleeve length- I like to hang my tops from tank/strapless styles at the front to long sleeve toward the back of that particular color. That way I know exactly where specific pieces are that I am looking for. Looking for that pink tank? There it is!

4. Create space for hanging bottoms- I used to fold and stack my pants/shorts/skirts because there just wasn't enough space to hang my bottoms. I was so used to folding and storing bottoms in a dresser, that I didn't even think to ask to have a space to hang them. Thank goodness my closet designer suggested it because now I see exactly what I have and don't forget about that cute A.P.C skirt that I love so much! I love seeing what I have to work with laid out right in front of me!

5. Create some space for accessories (purses, luggage, belts, hats)- I always thought of these items as an afterthought, but as I have gotten older, I have a couple nice bags I need to store when not being worn, luggage that needs to be stored when I am not traveling, and belts that should be hung, not crumpled up in a drawer somewhere. We made sure to include shelving that was taller than the tallest purse and big enough for my hats, belt hooks on rolling tracks that come in and out, and space at the very top of my closet to fit my suitcases neatly. It makes me so happy to know that everything has a place! Without planning these details, my closet would look like a bomb went off with purses and hats thrown about, squeezing into blank spaces.

Do you guys have any tips that you feel are musts for your closet? Share in the comments below! And for more on this topic, visit my IGTV for a tour/ explanation of how I organized everything and why I love it!! See that on my Instagram here!

xo, Kim


15 "Big Box" Dining Chairs that Look Designer


Hi all!

I just got back from a whirlwind 5 day trip to NYC and saw so many pieces for the home that I fell in love with and wish I could have brought back with me. We went to a ton of shops and got inspiration for our homes and new and fresh ways to put them together! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE NYC?! It is my favorite city in the world with its contagious energy and on the go lifestyle. 

Today though we're looking at dining chairs! l I have had quite a few friends over time ask me to help them piece together their homes and one thing they always get a little stuck on is which dining chair to choose. I get it. It's hard to buy 6 of one thing because no matter how much of a deal you got, its still multiplied by  4, 6, or 8 + and that's $$! Dining chairs are definitely one item you need to plan on spending at least a bit on.

Not only that but many people who are asking for my help, generally like my style (to a certain degree!), which is a mixture of vintage pieces redone, big box pieces that look like they could be from another time or possibly designer, and some bohemian (I'm not crazy about the overuse of the word bohemian) textiles and fun patterns to spice things up. My friends or clients want something similar to what I might have in my home, but there is a catch...

1. You either have to be comfortable spending hours and maybe months searching for a deal consignment shopping to find the perfect piece (s) for less (GUILTY),  (hint: Craigslist is a great resource for vintage and retro design for cheap, but be prepared to have the vision to bring it back to life!)

2. Or you have to buy designer (which most can't afford, it's insane!),

3. Or you have to be comfortable with going to "big box stores" and knowing what looks designer and what looks big box. Hint: many things look big box if they are from big box stores so you really have to pay attention to the details, which ones you buy from, and if you are seeking help, you need to take the advice of the person helping you.

Okay! So as much as I do love consignment and vintage shopping for my home, it's not feasible for most clients on a time crunch because it takes timmmme. 

So, I rounded up my favorite current "big box" dining chairs in a range of prices that will help you get the look you want without spending thousands on the designer one you really want. Below are some of my favorites! Check them out and let me know which ones you love!


15 Dining Chair Options



Top 5 Sunscreen Brands


If you have been following along for a bit, you will know that sunscreen is non-negotiable. We all love when our fave leather jacket starts to wear and look weathered, but not our skin! We need to protect it with a quality sunscreen that goes on effortlessly, has a good consistency, and has a minimum of 40-50 SPF. Here are some of my favorites.



1. Supergoop- Loving Supergoop for its affordability, consistency on the skin and the mission of the brand.. Read more about that here.

2.La Roche Posay- I love the consistency of this quality brand. It truly is. a favorite product of mine.

3. Avene-There is a reason why Avene is the leading skincare line in European pharmacies. The affordabiity, quality, smell and effectiveness of all the products make it a winner again and again for me. I am a huge fan of many products in their line.

4. Kate Somerville- If you are okay with spending a bit more on your regiment, Kate is a winner. I really love the products I have tried from her line and LOVE the application. It feels luxurious and really works well.

5. Shiseido- Shiseido is a staple. Its no fuss branding and straight forward nature makes it appealing to me. I used their sunscreen all through my college water polo career to avoid burns and skin damage and loved the protection it gave me. 

Sunscreen Options

The Holy Grail: The Top 3 Ingredients You Must Use In Your Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen


Hello ladies and happy Friday!

Soooo skin is a super popular topic on my blog and Instagram that people always have so many questions about, so I had to do a post on my holy grail of face products. Yes? YES!

Okay, so I am no esthetician, but I have been modeling for the last 7 years and being around makeup artists and other models who are trading secrets constantly has naturally taught me a lot about skin care. Through osmosis I have absorbed some knowledge on how to stay as youthful and naturally (and unnaturally) glowing as possible for as long as possible. A select few products and brands get mentioned over and over, so get your pen and pads out and write this down (or just refer back to this know, technology!)!


The Holy Grail: The Top 3 Ingredients To Focus on In Your Skincare Regimen

1. Vitamin C Serum- Okay guys, this is a must! I apply my favorite Vitamin C serum (Ce Ferulic Acid by changer) in the morning on a clean face before I put on anything else. I was told that the best order to layer face products is from serums to thick moisturizers so this serum is first. The reason vitamin C is part of the Holy grail of face products is because it is very effective at fading and preventing spots, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen production while keeping new lines from forming, and it boosts the effects of your sunscreen that you should apply over Vitamin C serum.

HINT: Purchase skincare products only on trusted skincare sites or in a med spa. Otherwise you cannot be sure the products arent expired, thus making it more affordable on sites like Amazon. Don't do it!

2. Anti Oxidant Serum- My esthetician told me that a great and potent antioxidant product is a must in order to help fight off environmental stressors and pollutants. I have done lots of digging and its true, anti oxidants are the "fixers" and save cells from environmental damage as well as repair and stop damage from occuring. They also stimulate collagen, boost cell repair, and fade dark spots. 

Tip: CE Ferulic works great as an anti oxidant serum as well and you can combine anti oxidants to layer on each other because different ones fight free radicals in a different way.

3. SPF ALL THE WAY!- SPF is a non negotioable! There is no excuse for not wearing SPF everyday to protect your skin from the sun, not to mention keeping it youthful in appearance. Spots age your appearance more than wrinkles, and the sun gives both wrinkles and spots! Protect your skin!!

There are of course more ingredients that you can implement for more results, but these are the essential 3 to focus on as a starter pack NOW.  Enjoy and let me know what products you love!

xo, Kim




Easy Lightweight Blazers- The Piece I Wanna Wear All Summer

As of late, I have been obsessed with oversized blazers because they are effortless, chic, they always pull together an outfit. Plus they dress up a super casual outfit in a jiffy (think cut off shorts and a t-shirt, a dress with sneakers, or ripped jeans and a simple tank)! I'm a sucker for ease while looking fashionable, so blazers are my go-to when I'm running low on time and need a pulled together look stat.

I found this light weight one at Crossroads, one of my favorite consignment stores in LA, and it's a fave piece of mine from the collab by JOA x Chriselle Lim.  I love it because it's super summery, oversized (at least the one I found at crossroads...It may be meant to fit tighter but I like the oversized fit of the one I found) so much so that it's almost a dress, and the fabric isn't fussy at all so I don't have to be precious with it. It's the perfect "throw on" piece.  This look is kinda my cheating way to look stylish when I don't want to put much effort in. I find myself wearing blazers again and again through the summer for a polished look, but I opt for light weight and slightly long. Check out 11 styles below that I love as well as the details of my look. 

I'd love to know what you are loving and if you are into this look as well! 

xx, Kim

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11 Blazer Options