My Top 12 Belt Bags For Spring- With Some Under $30!


Ahh the belt bag, also known as the fanny pack! This Spring trend is something I can get behind because not only are they super cute, but they are extremely convenient to have on hand as well as comfortable. I would wear a belt bag everyday if I had a variety because they don't pull on your shoulders throwing you all outta wack, and they totally finish off a look! The one I am wearing here by Elizabeth and James (sold out but similar here)  is suede and super neutral, but also very chic and classic. 

I rounded up my favorite designer favorites as well as my affordable favorites that are sooo cool and trendy for some fun vacations that I hope are on the horizon for all of you! I will be sporting this one I am wearing above in Vegas and Italy in the next two months. So easy and convenient! Check out my favorite picks below and let me know which ones you love if you are you into this trend. Comment below!

xo, Kim

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The Body Positive Movement- My Experience and Thoughts on Why It Has A Long Way To Go

 After this shoot came out, my agents sat me down and said I need to lose 10 lbs because I looked thick

After this shoot came out, my agents sat me down and said I need to lose 10 lbs because I looked thick

I can't believe it's been over a month with this series already! Thank you for reading along, commenting, and giving your honest input on topics very near to my heart.

Today's topic, "The Body Positive Movement" is one that I have wanted to discuss for a long time, even before I started my blog. It's been something that has frustrated me in the modeling industry for years due to the deceiving and seemingly inclusive nature of "the movement", when in reality, it tends to do what the industry did before the movement. Take body types to an extreme and welcome those that fit into either extreme, without taking into consideration those that fall into the other body types and sizes. 

I think it is AMAZING and EMPOWERING that plus-sized models are getting so much attention these days and that so many are able to work as much if not more than "straight sized" models. Anytime the fashion industry starts including some alternative body types to ultra skinny is always a positive to allow more women to relate and feel included in fashion. The Movement is meant to broaden the idea of what beauty is and include women of all shapes and sizes in fashion spreads, campaigns, fashion shows, etc. This idea is awesome if designers, companies and brands would actually do this.

However, what I see over and over again is pressure to now be either the type of skinny that agents and clients feel is best for photos (i.e. 0-2, maybe 4 depening on the body type) orrrr totally plus, making it known that gaining extra weight to fit into plus wouldn't be a bad thing for your career. For instance, one agent/figure at a previous (BIG)  agency told me that if I really wanted to work a lot, I could lose 10-15 pounds or I could gain 40 to really kill it in the plus market. He wasn't being mean or joking, he was perfectly sincere and serious. Thats the problem. I am a size 27 jean and am a 4-6 depending on the brand and am 5'11''. I don't look skinny but I certainly look fit, and for me to lose even 7-10 pounds, I would have to go into a very unhealthy place. The alternative is gaining 40 pounds, which is not only super unhealthy for me since I am not that curvy or big naturally, but would also be terrible for my body, mind, and emotions! What if I did that because I was desparate for his approval and still didn't get the work I wanted? This is what happens all the time in the modeling industry. Agents suggest changes to cover their ass, changes are made, and sometimes results stay the same and models are left confused, insecure, and made to feel like they just aren't pretty, skinny, cool, edgy, fill in the blank, enough.

Regarding the plus sized suggestion: even though I refused to gain the weight, he still sent me out on plus sized castings to which I was met with confusion and frustration, The plus clients asked me who sent me and if they knew it was a plus casting. I said who it was and that yes, he knew. They kept staring and told me plus sizes in fashion/modeling start at 12 but they sometimes push it to a 10 or 8 but I still didn't fit this criteria. Sighhhhhh inside. Yep, I know. I said he/ I knew that but he wanted to see if I could work the job anyways. THIS WAS SO HUMILIATING. Not because of someone sending me for a plus casting (that's just stupid and a waste of time because I don't fit the sizing) but because I seemed like I thought I might be plus. Which I did not, I was just doing what I was told. This is the problem. This man thought that in order to work in fashion, I would have to gain a bunch of weight or lose a bunch, What about modeling as I was? A fit, thin, and healthy girl? Like representing the 4-6 sizing out there? Is that sooo crazy?? 

Of course I work jobs and have since I started 7 years ago for my sizing, but they're always the athlete, the pro, the all american girl which is awesome because commercial jobs are where it's at. But for the castings for "normal" girls, catalogue, beauty, fashion etc. I am told too often that my body type doesn't work for those. I look too big or thick. This is in the midst of this movement where brands are trying to be more inclusive, but that isn't so because a thin fit size 4 is being told she doesn't fit either mold! That is not inclusive. If I am not being represented, certainly many others with body types similar or bigger than myself are not either. 

I truly want for fashion and even the culture within our society to stop putting pressure on women to look a certain way, whether that be super curvy or super skinny. There are so many sizes and shapes out there, what right does anyone have to say which ones are beautiful? This movement needs to start including not only thin and plus girls, but girls that might be somewhere in between, or maybe shorter, or super tall, or athletic, or whateverrrr! If my plus friends are feeling pressure to gain more weight, and my straight size model friends are feeling the pressure to lose, we still have a long way to go. 

Do you guys feel this way or are you feeling represented in the current market? I would love to get some outside opinions as I only know what I experience behind the scenes. I hope you all feel beautiful and know that the beauty and fashion industry show a specific type of beauty. It might not represent you but you are beautiful and uniquely you as cliche as that sounds. I hope to see more diversity (this is happening more and more which is awesome), sizing, and versions of beauty in the media and fashion. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

I appreciate you all!

xo, Kim


Pretty Pastels I am OBSESSED With


I love Spring and Summer fashion! My personal aesthetic as you know is colorful and eclectic for the most part, so obviously, Spring colors and patterns work perfectly in my wardrobe. Pastels are HUGE right now, from the catwalk to the sidewalk. I personally don't own tons of pastel colored clothing, but I am loving the soft palette, especially the pinks, lavenders and baby blues.  I think it's important not to overdo it as you might end up looking like an easter egg! We don't want that.

I paired this Zara top similar here with my fave cut off jean mini by GRLFRND Denim and these adorable Bauble Bar earrings similar here that Chay got me for Christmas. I loved the metallic to finish off the look in these Schutz shoes from Shopbop. I felt so bright and cheery the day I wore this look and it really helped get me in the mood for Spring and get excited about what's ahead. It's funny how what you wear can change how you feel and act through the confidence fashion can give you. 

I rounded up some of my favorite pastel pieces out now that I think accomplish the look in a chic way without being too over the top. Check them out below! I would love to know if you are into the Spring pastel trend. Do you love or is it a little Easter egg for your taste? Comment below!

xo, Kim


My Spring Picks from The HUGE Shopbop SALE + OTHER SPRING SALES

Spring Sales To Shop.png

One of my favorite online retailers, Shopbop, has a few huge sales a year where if you shop more, you save more. If you spend less than $500, you get %20 off and if you spend over, you get %25 off! That's a huge deal because they carry so many brands, many of them being mid to high end designers with pricey items that would be way more palateable with such a huge discount. I rounded up my cart items that I am kicking around as well as a few splurge items I am loving for this Spring weather for some fun trips coming up! Check them out below as well as a a roundup of other great sales going on below.

Shopbop picks

I am noticing a lot of trends that I already love and some that I cannot wait to try more of and post about. I am loving these sets and lots of pastels, florals, and Spring colors. Which are you favorites?

Other spring sales to shop

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My 3 Biggest Insecurities now vs. 5 years ago


Today for "Real Talk Tuesday" (changed due to the hundreds of others that also tag "Transparency Tuesday") I am getting real about some insecurities that I faced in the midst of my 20's and modeling career and how they have changed over time. As always, my hope with Real Talk Tuesday isn't just to talk about my own experiences, but rather to hopefully relate with others so you guys feel less alone in some of your thoughts and lives.

5 years ago I was 25, engaged, living at home and 3 years into my modeling career. I always tell people that my early to mid 20's were the hardest emotional and mental years of my life due to the insecurity, lack of clarity, feelings of worthlessness and confusion that came with not having my life completely "figured out". The odd thing is, I have also always been pretty confident in a general sense when it came to my work ethic and personality. I know my inherent worth through my faith and feel strongly about Gods plan for my life as well as knowing I am loved and cared for. Yet, I still had a side to me that felt lost and afraid to take steps because I had already pursued some lofty careers and feared becoming that "dreamer" that had her head in the clouds.

When I look back and realize how young 25 is, I wish I wasn't so hard on myself.  I hope that if you are in your mid-twenties and reading this, you will realize it's a different world than the world our parents grew up in and we don't need to have it all figured out with babies on the way at 25.

My 25-Year-Old Insecurities

1. Living with my parents and not taking the leap to get out.

I love my family and felt so close to my parents that living at home while being able to model, save money, go to castings and pursue acting felt natural and smart. However, I was ashamed to tell people that because I felt like I was doing the safe thing rather than the adventurous thing. Also, with modeling, you get paid months later and never know if you can make those large monthly payments like rent, student loans, car payments etc. It has taken up to 13 months to get paid for a job and regardless of how big it is, you never known when the next one is coming. I know I did what it took for me to pursue my dreams, but if I could go back I probably would make the necessary changes to figure it out and get my own place due to the shame I felt for so long from this one thing.

2. Body type and image in the modeling world.

I wasn't insecure as a person in life, but I would get super anxious walking into my agencies or on set when the wardrobe stylist would ask me what size I was (when she had my measurements right there in front of her) to verify if what she was seeing in front of her could possibly be the model (shock and horror!). After a few years of people asking if I was curve or straight (plus-sized model or normal), It got to me. I never thought I was fat, but I knew I was looked at by some agents, models, and industry people as the "relatable one", the normal girl due to my 4-6 sizing. I was told that if I did "want" to lose 15 pounds, I could work wayyyy more and be more catalogue and fashion because my face could do those jobs, my body was just " too thick". I never thought I was model thin and had no qualms about people saying I was athletic, because I was! I tried to fit their mold in the healthiest ways I could for years, but at my thinnest I was still too thick and muscular, so I stopped trying to be their idea of thin and did what it took for me to be naturally fit and healthy. When I stopped trying so hard, I actually dropped a few pounds because I didn't care anymore and did my thing. I stopped obsessing with food intake and working out and my body evened out. Go figure. ADVICE: as women we tend to get hard on ourselves about our body image. Please don't look and compare youself to others, it's a losing battle. There is always someone thinner with a better booty and fuller lips. Do your best and let it go.

3. Career Choice

I always thought that I would be in the business world, heading up some company or being some kick ass lawyer because people always told me they saw me in those positions. I was tall, confident, and strong and felt good about my my future because I loved to work hard. Deep down though, I wanted to be an actor. When I graduated college, I felt pushed into modeling and tried to use that to pursue acting, Everytime someone would ask what I did, I was half embarrassed, half proud to answer. Embarrassed because I truly felt I was not reaching my potential at all because I knew I was a capable and smart person. It doesn't take a ton of smarts to model. It takes guts and perseverance, it just doesnt take a lot of brain power to do the job. (No shade, I am one remember?)

I was also kinda proud in a weird way because it was validation that someone else thought I was attractive enough to be a model (as embarrassing as that is to admit). Growing up, I was teased a lot because I was so much bigger than my classmates and kinda awkward. I was a major tomboy for most of my childhood years. It made me feel good that I could be seen as beautiful because I felt like the opposite of a model for so much of my childhood.

Top 3 Insecurities Now

Every year in my 20's was a learning curve which helped my confidence grow and allowed me to feel more comfortable with my career and body image. I don't even recognize some of those feelings I discussed above because I feel so far from that now. Below are 3 things I tend to overthink and sometimes get insecure about now.

1. People comparing me to Chay in the finances we bring into the household

In recent years, Chays career has blossomed and we have been in a different financial place than we thought we would be at this age. I cringe even saying that because it's weird to discuss this topic but this is an insecurity. I work and make money, but I am in an industry where it's feast or famine. This year was amazing from commercial work, but next year can be totally dry by comparison. I know that I bust my ass and that I am a hard worker, but so often I stress that people don't know that and think I am some stepford wife by their comments.

" You are so lucky to have Chay!"

"Congrats on the new house Chay!"

"Man you're a baller Chay. Kim, I bet your stoked!"

I'm liiiiiike "errrrr what?" . It's just so weird that people feel comfortable congratulating the guy assuming he makes more. He does, but I work and bring in money and always have so it totally gets to me. I know the comments are innocent (most of the time), but I take pride in my goals and efforts and know that just because I am not "rewarded" monetarily in the same way (although he is next level when it comes to hard work), I am still a contributor to the household. Even if I didn't work, these comments would still be strange and inappropriate. 

2. Wearing many hats

Being a model and acting in commercials, managing our investment properties. blogging, teaching Pilates from time to time sounds like a whole lot and also sounds unfocused to me. I am a creative person and love to learn new things and pursue lofty goals. But on occasion I'd love to pick one and be certain in my answer. But the truth is, these careers are ever changing which is why I have a few. Because I dont go to an office, my careers often don't feel legitimate to me.

3. financial stability and comparison

Over the last few years, it's been an interesting learning curve to see first hand or "over hear" what people have to say about Chay and I investing in property, going on trips here and there, or getting a new car when mine died. It's been super uncomfortable for me at times. It has actually really hurt my feelings because instead of being happy for us, it's pretty clear some people get competitive vs. supportive. Making comments about their car, their house, their "things" when it's like "whats that got to do with anything?" We have never thrown a housewarming party because we don't want to seem like were "celebrating too much" or bragging (although I think we finally will!). Even when I have mentioned we are going somewhere for vacation, the response is like "cool." Another friend says they are going on vacation with their hubby and its like " OH MY GOSH I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE! GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!" I don't need this intense validation but I really just want my friends/siblings to feel happy for me like they do for the others in our group. I get the dynamic and understand the insecurity, but it's tiring after a while because it makes me realize something so small as money can get in the way of others having genuine happiness for you. That's been a bummer to figure out.



It's interesting to me how my "insecurities" have changed so much over the years. I never thought I would be freed from the burden of negative body image. I have heard people say it's a life long battle, but if you're dealing with this right now, know that it doesn't have to be. Knowing who you are and not being swayed by comparison was the start of my healing.

We also live in a different world today and many people are pursuing multiple passions. I want to feel good about myself, and if I do, then that's it. No one else gets to have a say. (Or at least that's what I am working towards.)

Lastly, finances shouldn't define or change the way you view your friends. (regardless if they have above and beyond or are struggling) Let their character and the way they treat others dictate that.  Have any of you dealt with any of these things in the past? I would love your input if you relate to either side. 

I appreciate you guys and value your honest feedback!

xo, Kim



Coachella Outfit Inspo- Festival Season Faves I Love


So I have a confession. I have never been to Coachella. To be honest, I haven't been all that interested in years passed because it gets hottttt in Coachella Valley and I don't follow bands or musicians the way I once did. I haven't been tempted to be around that many people at once in the heat, getting dirty and sweaty when I would rather spend the money on clothes or food haha!

I will go one day (if I get VIP tickets lol), but one thing I do love about music festival season is the fashion and personal expression in all the outfits, accessories and jewelry choices! I LOVE some of the over the top looks, but I have to say, I am kinda over the teeny bopper micro jean shorts and crop tops with flower crowns and feather headresses.

I am loving how so many great bloggers are elevating their looks and dressing more similar to their personal style with a flare.

I put together a mini roundup of pieces I am loving for Spring that I would go for if I wear heading out to a festival weekend. I would wear pieces that could be transitional, would we breathable for the heat, easy to wear all day, and also something that would make me feel fab style wise! Check out some pieces below that you can shop for whatever weekend plans you have coming up! And let me know which ones you love!

xo, Kim

Scotch and Soda: My New Go To Brand


Hello friends!

Its been a second since I posted on specifically fashion because I have been wanting to discuss more interiors and real life stuff lately! I do miss my fashion posts though!

Which brings me to Scotch and Soda.. Have you guys seen this line? I've seen it in stores and even owned a couple one off pieces over the years, but had never seen the whole collection until I visited their Abbot Kinney location in Venice Beach. Honestly, I just about died. The patterns and colors are so on point and fashion forward, with a classic West Coast feel to their brand. I don't wanna say its bohemian because that word totally gets overused, but its eclectic and modern at the same time. I LOVE everything they put out. Every piece screams FUN.

This long sleeved sundress (similar here) is one of my favorite more recent purchases that I got during their winter sale, but you really cant go wrong with anything they put out. I paired it here with my go to Chloe boots and purse with minimal makeup and natural hair (the beach makes my hair go nuts!). See some current favorites I am loving below.

Now that we are getting into Spring I am loving finding brands that have more color and fun patterns. Do you love the eclectic look of Scotch and Soda pieces? Or have a fave go-to brand? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Kim

Scotch and Soda Faves



Being Content vs. Settling in Life


Hi guys! Today is our third #TransparencyTuesday. I have been loving this series so much and value everyone's feedback, comments, and input! Today's topic had been something that I have been struggling with back and forth for the last year specifically, but really over the last few years.

Contentment vs. Settling. The two can easily be mistaken for the other, but they are very different. In desire to always be content in my circumstances, not looking to the right or to the left to see what others have/are doing/succeeding in, in order to feel good about myself. I want to stay in my lane and do the things I believe God is calling me to do. I want to be joyful and satisfied regardless of finances, job accolades, or relationship status simply by living intentionally following the path I feel God is leading me down. This is contentment to me.

However, I do not want to settle. Settling can simply be not pursuing your goals or dreams because you are leaning on the crutch of perceived contentment.I believe thats the cruch of comfort, not contentment. We get one life to live. And I don't believe that we are meant to sit back in comfort and just be "content"... not asking for "too much" from God. I'm not referring to monetary or material items, I mean for purpose, direction, community, and for God to use us in relationships and our industries to make a difference. I have heard people say to me "you need to be content where you're at" when I've asked for advice on my career, how I'm to move forward with job opportunities, or even as Chay and I have debated business decisions. Some peoples go-to advice is to "BE content". I agree this is great advice if it's clear someone is lacking contentment, reaching constantly for the next best thing to make them happy. But, what about for those that genuinely feel content in life and with God but still have drive for certain goals and dreams? This is how I feel.

Here's the thing. YES, Contentment is vital. It's key to feeling happy. BUT, when you feel content and at peace in life about how everything is going, truly satisfied in God and your relationships but still have a yearning and a desire towards new ventures or goals, DON'T SETTLE. God is not small and shouldn't be put in your box of things you think are feasible in life. He is God. If you are listening intently and He is guiding your steps through faith, you can trust Him. You can have contentment and still dream for the future, and ask God to focus those dreams and efforts. This is not selfish or lacking contentment. 

I struggled with whether or not I was simply lacking contentment or just settling over the last year and a half as I lived in Redondo Beach, where we had moved for a period to try out being closer to friends and family as well as Chay's work. I was not happy, I felt isolated, lonely, and bored and felt as if life was passing me by. It seems dramatic to say that, but for me, being around people who have similar passions, aspirations, and hopes for the future is essential to my feeling connected. I would get down on myself because I felt a yearning to move, but knew how good I had it where I was at. I knew I was so blessed but also felt like living here wasn't our path. I knew there was more but felt so guilty asking for it. Have you ever felt that way? These feelings of guilt and shame are not from God. I learned that I was not discontent, I felt like I was settling.

Once I realized I was restless because God was calling me out of where I was, things became so much easier. I could trust that if He had something for me, He would provide it. I chose not to settle but remained content with the outcome. When He provided the means for us to move despite all the odds against us, we KNEW we were affirmed in our thoughts and feelings.( If you dont yet know the story of how God arranged for us to move, check out this post.)

Are you content with where God has you, yet still yearn for more out of life? I believe this is choosing not to settle.  Push on towards the things He has laid on your heart. It is not a coincidence that you have certain passions and traits. Play to your strengths and trust God in the process of how we will use them to create community, influence. and purpose in your life. 

Or Are you feeling like you are settling? Does it feel overwhelming to take the steps that you know you have to take to have the life you believe God has for you? I encourage you to trust that God is so much bigger than you/ or I give Him credit for.  I truly believe that we need to take steps in order for God to direct those steps and change our course. However, we need to move, we need to trust, and we need to seek Him first because at least for me, I feel lost when I don't. 

There is a huge difference  between settling and feeling content. I also want to encourage you to be honest with yourself and figure out if you are truly settling when you have convinced yourself you are content, almost wearing it as a badge of honor. Being" okay"  with your circumstances is great but don't cheat yourself out of the wide open life that God has for you by believing that you are content when you are really just settling. I have been there and it sucks.  That mind set only keeps you from pursuing the life you know you could lead if you got a little uncomfortable by deciding not to settle! 

What do you think? I would love to know the experiences you have had and if you agree or disagree. I love your input! 

See you in a couple days guys! 

xo, Kim