"Attitude is Everything"- Diane Von furstenburg

A little bit about me:

I am married and live in the beach cities of Los Angeles with my super hunky husband and our Vizsla puppies, Cookie and Chloe, who we are absolutely obsessed with. I am a converted dog person and loving every minute of it, except when they wake me up at 4 am to pee (yes they sleep in bed with us, no I am not emarrassed) #noshame 

Growing up, I was a tomboy, and super athletic, but slowly my interest in fashion emerged. I would plan outfits as I was at swim practice staring at the black line, lap after lap. I loved the process of putting together looks and expressing myself. 

After I graduated from college at UCLA where I played Water Polo, I knew I wanted to do something in the arts, but figured it would be acting, as I loved comedy and performing. In my pursuit, the opportunity to get signed with Wilhelmina models unexpectedly presented itself. Despite getting signed as a model to a top agency, the crtitiques given to me by casting directors and clients on my body and size ( on average I was a size 4 and 5'11") wore on me, but I persisted. This industry is not an easy one, but my love for fashion, collaboration,  and creativity have made it a rewarding one.

I have been modeling and acting now for a decade and love the flexibility and creativity it provides.


 I have been introduced to people, places, products, and spaces that have elevated my personal style while making me resourceful to look the way I want without spending my money foolishly to stay "on trend" . Lord knows I love a beautiful designer investment piece, but for most of us it's just not plausible to only shop designer. Mixing consignment pieces with designer items is my go-to in order to create unique looks I love, I take pride in being smart with money while still looking the way I want to. To me, style is supposed to be creative, and whats more creative than working with what you've got?

Kimberly Rabbit inspiration came from people inquiring about my style and engaging with me in things I love. Food, beauty, fashion, decor...all things I love talking about! I love it when I get questions, so please ask away! I will respond:)!

If you have any questions or comments please say hello and introduce yourself! I'm grateful for you guys and would love to get your thoughts. Also, please visit me on instagram and say hello! Thanks so much for visiting!